Thanks to all who attended the 2018 National Tanks Conference, held in September 2018. View the agenda here. View speaker bios here. See below for conference presentations and webinars.

Monday, September 10, 2018

PVIScreen Model – Take the Deep Knowledge Plunge with This Workshop… | Weaver

Focusing High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) for Selecting Remedial
Technologies | Kady | Kirkman |  Sohl part 1part 2part 3

Things Our Parents Never Told Us About Ability to Pay | Gruszecka and Freed | Mullin

LNAPL | Chapman

The ABCs of SOCs: Has Operator Training (ABC) Improved Significant Operational Compliance (SOC)? | Thomas

Line Leak Detection | Olko

Letting Nature Take Its Course: Using Natural Source Zone Depletion of LNAPL to Manage Petroleum Contaminated Sites | Lahvis | Zimbron

Best Practices for Minimizing Water Intrusion in Secondary Containment | Goodman

Flapper: An Overfill Protection Story | Wagner | Wheelock | Kubinsky

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Compatibility – Why We Need It, How to Verify It, and Where Is Compatibility Heading in the Future? | Yee | Hoffman | Haerer

A Closer Look at Carbon Injectate Remediation in the Subsurface | Guilfoil | Winner part 1, part 2 | Mullins

State Funds: Engaging with Others | Slayden | Horrigan | Risher and Anderson

The Aged and the Abandoned: UST Risk Reduction Strategies and Lessons Learned | Goodson | Weit-Marcum | Clark

Working Together to Recognize and Achieve Our Shared Goals | Sonnier | Connelly | Unkles | Pimental

In-Situ Remediation Approaches and Strategies | Karachalios | Moody

UST Private Insurance and State Funds – Lessons Learned | Reisner | Williams-Hall | Travis

Redevelopment 1: Promoting Opportunities for Integrating Nascent Tanks into Economic Revitalization Schemes (POINTERS) | Harris | Stevens | Mason

Leaking Generator Day Tanks – Coming to a Facility Near You! | Cignatta | Bell | Juranty

LNAPL Recovery and Regulatory Challenges to Closing LNAPL Sites | Fox | Chapman | Kinsman

What Do Cleanups Cost and Why Should You Care? | Rounds | Eighmey | Moran

Redevelopment 2: Balanced Enhancements Needed at Environmental Facilities to Incentivize Tailored Support (BENEFITS) | Walker | Laney | Kingsbury

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Airport Hydrant Systems and Field Constructed Tanks | Thomas | Mann | Fenton | Krupinski

Pragmatic Approaches to HRSC Investigations and Ways to Reduce Costs | Johnson | Cantrell | Sohl

How to Make your Fund FRAUDPROOF! (Parts 1 and 2) | Sellards | Weir

Incentivizing UST Compliance | Albuquerque | Olsen | Morgan

Installations and Equipment – Start Strong | Walker | Corliss | Slade

Implement Geophysical and Advanced Site Characterization Tools—Get More Bang for the Buck! | Werkema, Jr. | Lamb | Winner

Government Working with Industry | Schruben, Ralston, Shiffer, and May

How in the Hazmat do I Inspect and Test these Sumps? | Albuquerque | May | Henderson

Innovative In Situ Remedial Technologies to Expedite Site Cleanup | Wang | Carlton | Jin

The “State” of Yours, Mine, and Our Funds | Reisner | Provencher | Gastineau

Speed Dating: UST Technology | Freese | Federico | Miller and Hope | Kelly and Vega | Marinas | Torrent

Low Level Sump Testing | Olko | Reber | Garrett | Raia

Overcoming Challenges in the LUST Corrective Action Process: Critical Timing & Risk Management | Wardle | Wilson

Rites of the Roundtable: Guarding Your Fund’s “Cache”

Speed Dating: Corrosion Control | Miller | Tatnall | Gilbert | Jenkins | Smyth | Devine

Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Fuels, New Realities: Aggressive Corrosion | Young | Hollis | Ruga

Evolution of Risk Based Corrective Actions Including Tools and Techniques to Make Better Decisions | Malaier | DeVaull | Thun

Financial Technology & Program Innovation | Bral | Yunt | Byrne

Legal Updates | Alpine and Theriot

UST Inspector: Embracing Change | Shiffer | Keisler | Godwin | Sullivan

Petroleum Vapor Intrusion: What’s New? | Kolhatkar | Weaver

Electronic Invoicing | Slayden | Pecorelli | Storm


Gasoline Composition in the U.S. from Three Datasets, 1976-2017 | Weaver

PVIScreen | Weaver

Developing a Molecular Methods-based Tool for Assessing MNA and Biostimulation Potential for Remediation of Released Fuels in the Environment | Marks

Use of GIS to Assess Ground Water Vulnerability from Fuel Releases | Hall

EPA Technical Guide for Addressing Petroleum Vapor Intrusion at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites | Small

UST System Compatibility with Biofuels: A How-To Guide for Meeting the Regulatory Requirement | Pomes

Corrosion Inside Ball Float Valve Risers and on Surfaces of Poppet Valves in Underground Storage Tanks Not Storing Diesel — Is This a New Problem for USTs? | Pomes

Using High Resolution Site Characterization to remediate petroleum contaminated sites in Kentucky | Albright

The Use of Borehole Geophysical Tools to Characterize Underground Storage Tank Releases in Karst Terrane | Albright

UST Fund Plans to Alleviate Monitoring Abandonment Inconsistencies | Stoltz

Lessons Learned Using Surface Geophysics to Select Bedrock Monitoring Well Locations at UST Sites in Carbonate Bedrock Settings in Kentucky | Highley

High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) and 3-Dimensional Data Visualization for a Fractured Rock Site – A Path to Streamlined Closure | Orris

Using Data Management and 3-Dimensional Data Visualization to Generate More Complete Conceptual Site Models and Streamline Site Closure | Orris

Horizontal Remediation Well Technology: Access the Inaccessible to Expedite AST and UST Site Cleanup | Carlton

Estimates of Hydrocarbon NAPL Depletion from Compositional Change Over Time | DeVaull

GWSdat | Lahvis

Life-Cycle of Extractable Organics in Groundwater at Biodegrading Fuel Release Sites | Lyverse

Remediating 46 Acres of Jet Fuel with Biologically-enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction: Endpoint Strategy and Regulatory Closure Process | Frank

Introduction to the ASTSWMO Emerging Fuel Task Force Compatibility Tool | Hansen

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) Case Studies for the Redevelopment of Underground Storage Tank (UST) Incident Sites | Johnson

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) Rates at a Former Oil Refinery | Eichert

An Inside View of Arizona’s Underground Storage Tanks | Yee

Effects and Implications of an Ethanol-Blended Fuel Release on Groundwater and the Vadose Zone | Stafford