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Northeast Onsite Wastewater Short Course

Since 2002, NEIWPCC has coordinated and hosted the Northeast Onsite Wastewater Treatment Short Course and Equipment Exhibition in partnership with its member states and US EPA.

2019 Conference

The Short Course is a “one-stop” training/conference event for wastewater operators, onsite wastewater professionals and more. The Short Course offers training contact hours for attendees from NEIWPCC states.

Conference attendees include many of those in New England and New York State involved in onsite wastewater treatment, including state, federal, and municipal governments; private sector (i.e., installers, designers, service providers); technology manufacturers; academia; and watershed organizations.

This conference is offered approximately every three years. It has become a reputable forum for sharing information about onsite/decentralized wastewater issues and projects in this region, and has featured research and case studies from all over the country.

The Short Course was last held in Groton, CT in 2019. Conference sessions reflected the theme: “Technology of the Future TODAY!” Onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment continues to experience advances in technology, field testing, and management. Community applications of these new technologies are changing the way we protect water resources and the environment. A special session on “Onsite A to Z” for those individuals new to the field and a “Vendor Training” session featuring innovative technologies from exhibitors were also offered.