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Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Certification Exams

NEIWPCC administers the Massachusetts wastewater operator certification program on behalf of the MassDEP.  NEIWPCC, working with WPI/ABC and the Massachusetts Board of Certification, offers computer-based versions of the certification exams through PSI/AMP.

Certification examinations for Massachusetts Operators are ONLY offered at PSI/AMP testing locations. There are several locations in Massachusetts as well as testing centers throughout the US.

Preparing for a Wastewater Exam

To assist in your preparation for a Massachusetts Municipal or Industrial Wastewater Certification Exam, you may view and/or download the Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Training Exam Reference and the preparation flowchart.

For recommended (but not required) preparation (training) for taking a wastewater Operator license exam, please view and/or download this Recommended Course Guide.

To view and try out some sample exam questions or to learn about the exam software, go to:

For logistics and more info to help prepare for a computer-based wastewater exam, go to:

To Schedule an Exam

View/Download information HERE to schedule a computer-based exam directly with PSI/AMP. You need to contact PSI/AMP directly with any questions on the exam process. Exams will only be administered at PSI/AMP testing centers and are by appointment only.

Protective Equipment Policy
PSI has adjusted policy on the use of facemasks and gloves based on recommendations of the CDC.

  • Test Takers will be required to provide their own facemasks and gloves
  • Facemasks will be removed during check-in process to verify identity and take photo
  • Test Takers are responsible for disposing of used facemasks and gloves securely outside of the test center

To Obtain a Wastewater License

Once you have obtained a PASSING grade on the computer-based exam, you must download the computer-based exam license application form and submit it to NEIWPCC with (a copy of) your PASSING exam results, copy of your driver’s license (or other ID) and license fee. NEIWPCC will then issue your new Wastewater Operator credentials.

There is no need to contact NEIWPCC for non-passing exam results. You may schedule and re-take another computer-based exam at any time.

After you pass the exam and get your wastewater credentials from the state, it is time to get a position.  Wastewater plants post job openings on the Massachusetts Water Environment Association’s website.  Their jobs hotline can be found here.  The site is updated regularly.


For questions and information related to Massachusetts certification please view our short webinar, Becoming a Certified Wastewater Operator in Massachusetts. The slides in this webinar may be viewed separately here.

Other Certifications

Upgrade to Combined Grade 7 – Massachusetts Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Note: The Grade 7 Upgrade Application must be mailed to the Commonwealth of Mass, as shown on the form.

Past Exam Results

View the 2020-2021 wastewater exam summary statistics of quarterly exam results HERE.  Statistics from 2019 HERE. And view 2015-2018 statistics HERE.

Training Contact Information

For general questions on Training, please contact us at 978-323-7929 or

For any last minute changes or cancellations due to weather, location, or instructor illness, please call our

24-Hour Training and Event Hotline at 978-349-2345.