Communications and Outreach Staff

NEIWPCC Headquarters (Lowell, Mass.)


Kale Connerty
Information Officer
Kale joined NEIWPCC as a full time employee in November 2018 and serves in three divisions. In Communications, she writes content for NEIWPCC’s annual report, writes and edits articles for NEIWPCC’s magazine and e-newsletter and contributes content to the NEIWPCC website and social media sites. In the Wastewater division, Kale coordinates specialty training courses, webinars, and conferences and assists with the marketing and distribution of our semi-annual training catalog. In the Water Quality division, Kale assists staff with place based divisional work, including meeting and conference support, communication tasks, and short-term research projects. Kale originally joined NEIWPCC in June 2018 as the Youth in the Environment Coordinator in the Wastewater division. Kale holds a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Climate Change and Sustainability from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. [full bio]

Michelle St. John
 Information Officer
Michelle joined NEIWPCC in December 2016 as an Information Officer. She assists the Communications Director in writing and developing content for NEIWPCC’s Annual Report, the print newsletter, Interstate Water Report, and the e-newsletter, iWR. Michelle also contributes to NEIWPCC’s website and social media outlets. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Goucher College.