Explore NEIWPCC staff, projects, events and more through our video collection.

Staff Spotlight Series

Hear from NEIWPCC staff members about some of the projects they work on to advance clean water. View the full playlist.

Sarah Healy, Environmental Analyst, Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan

Healy describes the sources and impacts of nitrogen pollution to Long Island waters and efforts to reduce stormwater runoff.

Meg Modley, Environmental Analyst and Lake Champlain Basin Program Aquatic Invasive Species Management Coordinator

Modley speaks about the work being done to protect the Lake Champlain Basin from aquatic invasive species, including through the Lake Champlain Boat Launch Steward Program.

Noreen Gallagher, Environmental Analyst and New York State Department of Health Drinking Water Specialist

Gallagher speaks about working with stakeholders to develop source water protection plans in New York State. She talks about how broad the environmental field is, and how many different opportunities are out there for students and others looking to get into the field.

Sarah Fernald, Environmental Analyst and Research Coordinator at the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve

Fernald explains the role of the research reserve as a living laboratory for estuary research, particularly for students. She speaks about a submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) project that she’s excited to work on, and the importance of having an interdisciplinary background.

Matthew Vaughan, Environmental Analyst and Chief Scientist with the Lake Champlain Basin Program

Vaughan speaks about his role and some of the latest research surrounding agricultural tile drains in the Lake Champlain basin. He also shares tips for those looking to get into the environmental science field.


Anniversary Series

In 2022, NEIWPCC celebrated its 75th anniversary and 50 years of the federal Clean Water Act. In this series, staff and commissioners share their perspectives about the significance of this anniversary and the role NEIWPCC has played – and continues to fulfill – in advancing clean water in the Northeast.

Careers in the Clean Water Industry

Hear from professionals in the water resource recovery (or wastewater) industry about their career path and why they enjoy the industry.

Youth and the Environment Program

Since 1990, the Youth and the Environment Program (YEP) has provided young adults from underserved areas with experiences in the environmental field. The goal of YEP is to engage youths with their local environment, while introducing them to career opportunities in the field of clean water.