Four reasons to join the wastewater industry:

Job Security

There will always be a need for clean water, but currently the wastewater industry is facing a wave of retirements. This creates stable and long-term careers for young professionals interested in joining the workforce.

Tons of Opportunities

From hands-on operator work to laboratory and analytical positions, a variety of roles are in high demand at treatment facilities. Many of these positions are entry-level with little or no experience required.

Protecting the Environment

Wastewater professionals play an important role in ensuring that the nation’s waterbodies are clean for wildlife and people.

Rewarding Career

Get paid to do work that makes a difference; plus, enjoy opportunities for continued education, networking and career advancement.

Stacy Thompson, Deputy Director of the Saco (Maine) Water Resource Recovery Department, shares her passion and path to a rewarding career in the wastewater industry.

Wastewater operator certification programs in the NEIWPCC states

Maine (NEIWPCC coordinated)

NEIWPCC’s South Portland/JETCC office coordinates the Maine Operator Certification
Contact: Spring Connolly,; or Judy Bruenjes,

Massachusetts (NEIWPCC coordinated)

New Hampshire

New York

View the NYSDEC wastewater operator certification webpage and the wastewater treatment plant operation webpage; View the NYWEA Operator Certification webpage
Contact: Meredith Streeter,; or NYWEA’s Operator Certification Administrator, Tanya May Jennings, or by phone 315-422-7811 (x4)

State Water Associations: