NEIWPCC’s Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) workgroup discusses key HAB considerations and needs in the region. The group looks to share lessons learned and facilitate discussion and collaboration on HAB-related issues and actionable solutions for the region.

The HAB workgroup includes stakeholders from EPA, state public health and water resource management programs, academic institutions, and public interest groups.

Workgroup members have identified five areas of particular interest, and further work on each of these five focus areas continues through Focus Teams convened by NEIWPCC. These focus teams, comprised of members from the larger HAB Workgroup, develop agendas and create outputs to support regional needs.

Focus teams and select outputs:

  • Advisories and outreach to the public
  • Best management practices (methods to control blooms)
  • Guidance for drinking water facilities
  • Monitoring and analysis of cyanobacteria and blooms
  • Regulations for recreational waters

Proposed outputs include compiled information on regulations, policies, outreach methods, and management practices, and may eventually involve development of regionally consistent protocols, methods, and guidance.