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Source Water Protection

Aquifers, Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and Reservoirs

Drinking water is treated before consumption, but the most economical and environmentally friendly strategy is to prevent contamination at the source.

In our region, protecting water that flows across interstate boundaries presents a particular challenge.

Our Source Water Protection Workgroup brings together state and federal officials concerned with water protection, including tracking potential sources of contamination, regulation of wells, and rural water systems.

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Another work group deals with contaminants of emerging concern, whose scope and effects are not yet well understood.

Another work group is concerned with harmful algal blooms, which are potentially toxic and can foul water bodies and change ecosystems.

Additional Resources

For Local Officials: Protecting Drinking Water Resources in Your Community

Geothermal: 2011 Geothermal Conference

Gas Stations: A Guide for Owners and Operators

Guidance on Lead at Childcare Facilities in MA

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Manual for Municipalities

American Water Works Association — National association of water suppliers focusing on training and technical assistance.

Association of State Drinking Water Administrators — Professional association of state drinking water programs.

New England Water Works Association — Regional association of water suppliers focusing on training and technical assistance.

National Drinking Water Clearinghouse

The Groundwater Foundation — An international non-profit organization that educates the public on the nature and value of groundwater.

Ground Water Protection Council — National non-profit organization whose members are interested in the protection of the nation’s ground water supplies.

In the States

More Resources

Local officials: This guide provides tools for municipal officials to use to protect drinking water sources.

Geothermal: A 2011 workshop included discussions and case studies that focused on environmental and water-resource-protection concerns related to the geothermal industry.

Gas stations: A 10-page booklet is aimed at owners of gas stations with an onsite drinking-water well.