Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program

New Program for 2019/2020 – This one-year management training program has been revamped and is designed to develop essential skills to propel candidates into management positions.

The Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program is sponsored by NEIWPCC, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Water Environment Association.   The current session includes twenty-two participants representing facilities from across the state.

The program is based on the successful management training programs that NEIWPCC has been involved with in Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Participants meet once a month for twelve months, addressing a new topic each month. The 2017/2018 program graduated 28 qualified operators at the March 2018 MAWEA (formerly MWPCA) Quarterly Meeting.

The program requires that participants, with the support of their facilities, make firm commitments to attend each of the twelve monthly meetings. Attendance at each class is mandatory in order to complete the program. The program totals approximately 72 training contact hours.

Program Details: Classes are held on the same day of each month (i.e., 2nd Thursday) unless otherwise noted. Most sessions will be held at the Richard Alden Training Facility in Millbury, MA. Some sessions may be held at other locations throughout the state. Topics may include:

  • Introduction to Management
  • Performance Management
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Safety in Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Working with the Media
  • Asset Management
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • NPDES Permitting & State Regulations
  • Laboratory Procedures & Micro Biology
  • Engineering Design & Blueprint Reading
  • Job Shadowing

Example – 2017/2018 Wastewater Management Training Schedule

As part of the Massachusetts Management Training Program students will use the Office of Water Programs, California State University‐ Sacramental Course “Manage for Success – Effective Utility Leadership practices” textbook.

Program Costs: The cost of the program is $750 which includes the required textbook and all handout materials.

Program Application & Selection Process: The management candidate application can be found here . Candidates can be nominated by their superintendents or self-nominated. Pertinent work experience and education should be included. Students and their WWTP need to make a firm commitment to attend each of the monthly sessions.  The 2019/2020 class is full.


Contact Information

For more information, contact NEIWPCC at (978) 323-7929 or