NEIWPCC is a regional commission that helps the states of the Northeast preserve and advance water quality.

Established in 1947, we engage and convene water quality professionals and other stakeholders across New England and New York to collaborate on clean water and environmental science challenges across shared regions, ecosystems, and areas of expertise.

Lake Champlain basin, Vermont.

Man in canoe performing Water Chestnut removal

Sewage sludge composting.

Commissioners in 1954

Organizational Structure

Our executive committee and commissioners (gubernatorial appointees from each of our member states) set the goals and priorities implemented by the Executive Director and the staff. Further coordination of the work comes from the directors of our three programmatic divisions: Water QualityWastewater and Onsite Programs, and Water Resource Protection.

NEIWPCC’s headquarters are in Lowell, Mass. We also employ staff elsewhere to support programs and projects in our member states.

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