Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Renewals

Since 2005, NEIWPCC has administered the wastewater license renewals for Massachusetts certified wastewater Operators. Renewals occur every two years and are due by December 31 of odd-numbered years.

All Active Massachusetts wastewater Operators are required to provide proof of 20 TCHs during a given renewal period. Most (but not all) TCH credits earned through NEIWPCC, NEWEA or MWPCA will be shown on the wastewater Operator’s license renewal form. (TCH hardcopy proof will need to be submitted with a renewal for those TCHs that are NOT shown on the renewal form.) Renewal fees are used by NEIWPCC to subsidize the Massachusetts wastewater Operator training program. Renewal forms for the 2019 renewal event will be mailed out this Fall.  The current amount for the renewal fee is $75.

Beginning with the 2014–2015 renewal cycle and moving forward, no more than 50% of the TCHs required for renewal can be safety-related.  For example, if an Operator needs 20 TCHs for renewal, no more than 10 TCHs can be safety-related. The remaining 10 TCHs will need to be wastewater or wastewater-related.  More than 10, or ALL of the TCHs required for renewal, can be wastewater or wastewater-related.  Note that ANY/ALL TCHs submitted for renewal must be pre-approved for Massachusetts Wastewater Operator renewal/activation and have been designated with a  “BC…” approval code (for example, BC-2014-0023).

A current “snapshot” of all Active and Inactive Wastewater Operators can be queried and viewed using the Searchable Operator Listing tool.  NOTE that this listing now contains just the Operators who have been renewed in our system and now have the 12/31/2019 expiration date.

Listings of Approved Training Contact Hour (TCH) Courses

By Course Name

By “BC…” Approval Code

If you have questions about these courses or listings, you may contact John Murphy at the Massachusetts Board of Certification for Wastewater at (617) 292-5867.


All requests for wastewater license status changes must include the submittal of a completed Status Change Form to NEIWPCC. This and other Massachusetts Wastewater Operator forms, such as Reciprocity and Emergency Status, can be found on our Forms page.  For questions about or for more information on renewals, you can contact us at 978-323-7929 (x 105) or by email at

Training Contact Information

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