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Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Renewals

Renewals occur every two years and are due by December 31 of odd-numbered years. The 2023 renewal forms will be mailed out the first week of September.  The renewal fee is $75.

All active Massachusetts wastewater operators are required to provide proof of 20 training contact hours (TCHs) during a given renewal period.  Please do not send in your training proof until you get an invoice.

Certification renewal invoices for current operators include TCH credits earned through NEIWPCC, NEWEA, or MAWEA for training completed through June 30, 2023. In cases in which an operator completes training prior to certification, renewal invoices may not accurately reflect the total number of training classes completed.  To receive credit for any class not listed on your individual invoice, submit a copy of the certificate of completion along with renewal documentation.  Your renewal notice will be mailed to you in the beginning of September.

All ACTIVE operators need 20 TCHs for the renewal from the period of January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023.  New certified ACTIVE operators in 2022 require 20 TCHs and, if newly certified in 2023, 10 TCHs are required.

No more than 50% (10 TCHs) of completed training can be safety-relatedAll TCHs submitted for renewal must be pre-approved for Massachusetts Wastewater Operator renewal/activation and have been designated with a  “BC…” approval code (for example, BC-2014-0023).

If you wish to change to INACTIVE status, please check the box on the invoice and return with payment.  INACTIVE operators are not required to earn TCHs but they still have to renew at the end of every renewal period.

Approved training questions can be referred to John Murphy at the Massachusetts Board of Certification for Wastewater at (617) 352-3375 or

Certified Operators

NEIWPCC maintains a complete list of certified Massachusetts wastewater operators. This list is updated bi-monthly to reflect newly-certified operators.

For questions about or for more information on renewals, you can contact us at 978-349-2516 or by email at

Wastewater Operator Renewal Resources

Pre-Approved TCH Courses

Approved TCH courses

Specialty Status Forms

Status Change
Emergency Certification
Reciprocity Certification
Grade 7 Upgrade

Additional Resources

Renewal Fact Sheet
Education Requirements
Renewal Cover Letter
MAWEA Membership

Training Contact Information

For general questions on Training, please contact us at 978-323-7929 or

For any last minute changes or cancellations due to weather, location, or instructor illness, please call our

24-Hour Training and Event Hotline at 978-349-2345.