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Our flagship magazine, Interstate Waters, brings news of NEIWPCC and our partners, and in-depth analysis of water challenges and issues. Some recent topics are algal blooms, invasive species, and nonpoint-source pollution. It is published in print twice annually.

Monthly, we reach out with Streamlined, our e-news aggregate. This email newsletter shares news and highlights of water-related projects from around the Northeast.

Our annual report recaps each fiscal year of NEIWPCC’s work with, and in, our member states, including placed-based and other programs that we administer or otherwise support.

The Clean Water Pod podcast, available on major podcast channels, explores the challenges and successes of the Clean Water Act 303(d) program in the United States.

Our training program publishes a course catalog and its own training newsletter for environmental professionals, and maintains an online calendar of classes offered that is revised regularly. Please email to subscribe to the newsletter.

Our wastewater division publishes a national newsletter, the L.U.S.T.Line, about underground storage tanks, leaking and otherwise.

Beyond these publications, many of our partners offer their own newsletters and online resources that provide news and information about their activities, programs, and issues of concern.

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