Our Critical Objectives and Strategic Goals reflect our current regional and national activities and guide our efforts into the future.

Critical Objectives

Salt marsh in New York City.
Wastewater training class.
Woman in a kayak removing water chestnut, an invasive plant, from a river or pond.


Build a sustainable funding model that allows us to continue to deliver on our mission while expanding the regional and national impact of our work.

Workforce Development

Deliver program and services that attract and retain a diverse, talented group of water quality professionals to our staff, as well as to the field as a whole.


Use our data, resources, and network to encourage the public, policymakers, and other influences to support our vision of clean water managed sustainably throughout the Northeast.

Our Five Areas of Work and Impact

scientist in field


We engage and convene water quality professionals and other stakeholders across the Northeast to collaborate on clean water and environmental science challenges across shared regions, ecosystems, and areas of expertise.


We conduct research into water-related topics, monitor environmental factors, and fund such work by others. We also implement and fund environmental restoration and other on-the-ground projects.


We develop, coordinate, and conduct training courses that serve water quality professionals regionally and nationwide.


We fund and/or staff programs that engage the public through events, exhibits, web and print publications, and other outreach activities.


We actively represent the interests of member states at meetings with federal and state officials and in regional and national water and wastewater associations.