Program Partners

Our region is home to many programs that cherish and protect specific water bodies.

NEIWPCC provides administrative, program, and budgetary support to some of these place-based programs. While the work may focus on a single geographic area, the lessons learned can be applied in future projects and contribute to our overall understanding of water pollution control.

Our staff at the Lake Champlain Basin Program conducts a wide range of activities, including education and outreach, water quality monitoring, and research into aquatic nuisance species.

We have staff at both of two interlinked Hudson River programs.

Elsewhere, NEIWPCC staff members at the Long Island Sound Study focus on research, monitoring, and educating the public through publications and other outreach efforts. For the Peconic Estuary Partnership, our staff coordinates numerous water-quality and habitat-management efforts.

The Commission staff at the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program protects and restores clean water, fish, wildlife, and habitats. It manages local land for conservation and for the community, and manages climate-change impacts to the area’s natural systems.

Another important way in which NEIWPCC assists our member states is by providing staff who work directly with state agencies. In doing so, we provide the specific skills and expertise that the states require to achieve their water-related priorities.

Partner Web Sites