Advancing clean water in the Northeast since 1947.

NEIWPCC was formed to tackle water quality issues that couldn’t be solved by any one state on its own – whether it was developing water quality standards, creating the first wastewater operator training program in the region, or facilitating interstate collaboration around key topics.

NEIWPCC has been instrumental in engaging and convening water quality professionals from New England and New York to collaborate on water, wastewater, and environmental science challenges.

Our roots stretch back to the post-World War II era, when pollutants often flowed unchecked into lakes, rivers, and bays. To address the bleak state of our waterways through a united approach, Congress established interstate water pollution control commissions, such as NEIWPCC (originally known as the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission) in 1947.

A watershed year

In 2022 we celebrated two “watershed” moments in one year. In addition to NEIWPCC’s 75th anniversary, 2022 also marked the 50th anniversary of the passage of the federal Clean Water Act of 1972. This landmark environmental legislation has defined how we protect and restore our water resources to this day.

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Explore NEIWPCC’s rich history through a collection of personal narratives and perspectives shared throughout our anniversary year.


Read stories from staff, commissioners, and partners as they commemorate NEIWPCC’s role in the Northeast.

Commissioner video series

Hear from NEIWPCC Commissioners about their personal experiences in the water industry and the role NEIWPCC has played in their career.

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Commissioners in 1954
1954: NEIWPCC commissioners discuss the proposed classification for the Connecticut River at a public meeting in Springfield, Massachusetts.

NEIWPCC history

An evolution of challenges and opportunities 

From rivers dyed orange, purple and red from industrial practices, to creating standards for wastewater treatment, to climate change and “forever chemicals,” NEIWPCC’s work continues to evolve to respond to present-day water issues.

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Looking ahead: Our Water Program Priorities

NEIWPCC’s Water Program Priorities articulate the near- and medium-term programmatic goals of the organization and are updated every five years.

Our 2020-2025 Water Program Priorities include the following five topics:

  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern/PFAS
  • Watershed Planning and Waterbody Protection
  • Infrastructure and State Revolving Fund
  • Clean Water Act Reauthorization
  • Training and Certification

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State Recognition

Thank you to our member states for your recognition of this significant milestone!