Coronavirus and NEIWPCC

Visit our coronavirus status page for the most up-to-date changes to our programs and operations.


What We Do

NEIWPCC is a regional commission that helps the states of the Northeast preserve and advance water quality.

Our Five Areas of Work and Impact

Connections: We engage and convene water quality professionals and other stakeholders across the Northeast to collaborate on clean water and environmental science challenges across shared regions, ecosystems, and areas of expertise.

Protection: We conduct research into water-related topics, monitor environmental factors, and fund such work by others. We also implement and fund environmental restoration and other on-the-ground projects.

Training: We develop, coordinate, and conduct training courses that serve water quality professionals regionally and nationwide.

Education: We fund and/or staff programs that engage the public through events, exhibits, web and print publications, and other outreach activities.

Engagement: We actively represent the interests of member states at meetings with federal and state officials and in regional and national water and wastewater associations.

Critical Objectives and Strategic Goals

Strategic Plan imageNEIWPCC has engaged in a comprehensive, inclusive process to clarify our critical objectives and strategic goals. We are grateful to the many stakeholders who contributed throughout the process, and proud to share our new strategic plan.

This plan is our guide for NEIWPCC’s bright future. It will help us focus our priorities, align our efforts, and make best use of the resources at our disposal. We look forward to working with you—our partners, staff, and other supporters—to make this plan a reality.

Water Program Priorities

In 2015, we developed a list of Water Program Priorities. This list represents issues that are of common concern to all of NEIWPCC’s member states and that we expect to be engaged in for the coming years. The list includes 19 topics, 7 of which have been identified as the highest priorities.

Our Water Program Divisions: