In addition to running the state’s wastewater operator certification and training program, NEIWPCC also coordinates the Massachusetts Title 5 onsite wastewater training and certification of Soil Evaluators (SEs) and System Inspectors (SIs).

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection transferred the SE and SI programs to NEIWPCC in 2004, and we now conduct the training and exams as well as chair the Onsite Advisory Committee (OAC) that was established to oversee these efforts.

Soil Evaluator Training

The Soil Evaluator training emphasizes soil morphology principles, and consists of three days in the classroom, followed by a two hour, multiple-choice classroom exam, then three days in the field, followed by a half-day field exam. The goal is to enhance the design, review, and approval of onsite wastewater systems throughout the state.

System Inspector Training

The System Inspector training certifies individuals to conduct the septic system inspections that Massachusetts requires when a property is sold. Attendees spend one day in the classroom, then take a two hour, multiple-choice classroom exam one week later. All currently certified (approved) Active SEs and SIs can be found on our Title 5 Approvals page.

In 2006, revisions to Title 5 required all SEs and SIs to renew their certification through NEIWPCC every three years. Prior to the second and all subsequent renewals, all licensed SEs and SIs are required to obtain 10 training contact hours (TCHs) of continuing education. The intent of this renewal component is to insure that practicing onsite wastewater professionals are properly trained and are continuing to improve their knowledge of the industry. The renewal program includes a fee used by NEIWPCC to provide oversight and implementation of the program as well as to subsidize and increase training opportunities.