NEIWPCC is proud to work with a wide variety of contractors, including individuals, private companies, research institutions, watershed organizations and other non-profits to support the needs of our states and partner programs.

It is our goal to make the process of entering a binding agreement with NEIWPCC as transparent and smooth as possible.

We urge current and prospective contractors to view our Contractor Opportunities page to explore current competitive opportunities and to learn more about the agreement process through the documents provided below.


NEIWPCC is committed to providing a working environment that keeps all staff as safe as possible and promotes the well-being of our community. All RFP applicants who may come into close contact with NEIWPCC staff are required to be fully vaccinated. Close contact may occur during the course of a project with a QAPP (via a QAPP audit), during project planning meetings, during project implementation, or other occasions. While some of these may occur virtually, please note that NEIWPCC reserves the right to audit a project at any time. Applicants must be prepared to show proof of vaccination prior to any close contact with NEIWPCC staff.  Accepted proof of vaccination includes the original vaccination card, a printed copy of the vaccination card, or a digital photograph of the vaccination card. To protect confidential information, NEIWPCC will not maintain copies of these documents, and any records provided will be discarded.

This policy also applies to the contractor’s subcontractors.



Logos for Contractor Use

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