Creating leaders in the wastewater industry.

Management training programs, or schools, provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed for leadership positions at wastewater facilities. Programs differ by state, often combining classroom instruction, coursework, and networking opportunities over the course of 8-12 months. Program topics cover leadership, management and technical subjects, such as finance and budgeting, permitting, working with the media, safety, and treatment process monitoring, evaluation and adjustment. To gain real-world experience, students may job-shadow a plant superintendent or manager.

With the wave of retirements facing the water industry, managers schools provide essential workforce development opportunities to prepare the next generation of leaders, fulfilling one of NEIWPCC’s critical objectives.

Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program class of 2022
Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program class of 2022 candidates.

Learn about each state’s management training program:


The Connecticut Water Environment Association coordinates the 10-month long wastewater Management Leadership Program with administrative support from NEIWPCC.


The Maine Management Candidate School is sponsored by the Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee with financial support and endorsement from Maine’s Departments of Environmental Protection and Health and Human Services, Maine Water Environment Association, and Maine Water Utilities Association. The program accepts both drinking water and wastewater professionals.


The Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program is sponsored by NEIWPCC, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the Massachusetts Water Environment Association.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Drinking Water and Wastewater Managers School is coordinated by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the New Hampshire Water Pollution Control Association and the New Hampshire Waterworks Association, and is open to drinking water and to wastewater professionals.

New York

New York State does not currently offer a management program.

Rhode Island

The 12-month Wastewater Leadership Boot Camp Program is coordinated by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the Rhode Island Clean Water Association.


Vermont does not currently offer a management program. In the past, Vermont has offered a management training program for drinking water and wastewater operators through the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation in partnership with the Vermont Rural Water Association and the Green Mountain Water Environment Association.

For more information about each program, please contact the supporting state agency or association.

Read about the history of wastewater management training in the March 2019 issue of NEIWPCC’s magazine, Interstate Waters. (page 6)