NEIWPCC’s semi-annual magazine provides in-depth reporting and analysis of water and wastewater issues, as well as news and feature stories about current issues and trends in clean water.

Fall 2023 Issue

Features include:

  • Highlights from NEIWPCC and our Partners
  • Clean Water Pod Wraps With a View to the Future
  • Beneath the Surface: Agricultural Tile Drains
  • Supreme Court Rules on WOTUS Interpretation
  • Environmental Stewardship Through Art
  • Making Waves
aerial view of Vermont farmland with a stream running through it


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Previous Issues

Spring 2023

Features include:

  • Highlights from NEIWPCC and our Partners
  • Water Invaders: A Spotlight on Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Monitoring the Marshlands of Long Island
  • Creating a New Country Water Purification District
  • New Podcast Series Features Water Quality Experts
  • Making Waves

Fall 2022

  • 75 Years of NEIWPCC: A Timeline
  • New Video Series Commemorates 75th Anniversary
  • From Hand-Written Engineering Designs to Emerging Contaminants:
    The Changing Water Industry

Spring 2022

  • Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
  • Defining WOTUS
  • Addressing Emerging Contaminants
  • Meeting Challenges in Modernizing the Clean Water Act
  • The first Fully Integrated Sludge Composting System

Fall 2021

  • Tracing the Pandemic Through our Wastewater
  • Combating our Aging Wastewater Workforce
  • Daniel Miller: Restoring Hudson River Estuary Habitats
  • Beavers, TACos, and Lightning Talks

Spring 2021

  • A Roadmap for Advancing and Preserving Water Quality
  • Assessing Nitrogen Removal Retrofits
  • New Regional Initiative to Address Salt Pollution
  • Eliminating Systemic Racism in the Environmental Field

September 2020

  • Youth and the Environment
  • Teaching the Teachers
  • Reinventing NEIWPCC
  • Socially Distanced Eel Monitoring

February 2020

  • Mercury Progress: Up in Smoke?
  • Building the Green Future: Connecticut Reaches for Ambitious Stormwater Goals
  • Soil Evaluators

September 2019

  • Learning and Travelling on the River that Flows Both Ways
  • One Boat at a Time
  • A Boatload of Control

March 2019

  • Taking Out the Trash
  • Managing for Clean Water
  • Enabling Success with Pete Lopez
  • PFAS

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