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Interstate Waters magazine

NEIWPCC’s semi-annual magazine provides in-depth reporting and analysis of water and wastewater issues, as well as news and feature stories about current issues and trends in clean water.

Fall 2022 Issue

Features include:Cover of Fall 2022 Interstate Waters magazine

  • “Highlights from NEIWPCC and our Partners”
  • “75 Years of NEIWPCC: A Timeline”
  • “New Video Series Commemorates 75th Anniversary”
  • “From Hand-Written Engineering Designs to Emerging Contaminants:
    The Changing Water Industry”
  • “Making Waves”

“Interstate Waters” is funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Printed issues are mailed free of charge to subscribers; all issues are available online. To subscribe, email us at Type “Subscribe to Interstate Waters” in the subject field and include your full mailing address. Please indicate whether you also wish to be added to our monthly email newsletter, Streamlined. We welcome and appreciate questions, comments, story ideas, and articles for publication.

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