In the Spring 2023 issue of Interstate Waters, NEIWPCC shines a spotlight on the devastation of aquatic invasive species, and the efforts of staff throughout the Northeast to monitor, control and reduce the spread in a waterbody. The article explores social and economic impacts, strategies to mitigate the damage, and takes a closer look at three of the most aggressive species threatening the region.

Environmental Analyst Victoria O’Neill has dedicated her career protecting the diverse ecosystems of her native Long Island. In this story, Interstate Waters delves into O’Neill’s passion for habitat restoration in the Long Island Sound through a range of projects and strategies, as well as her efforts in community outreach and engagement.

In 1968, Albany, New York created a new county water purification district, which led to the construction of two treatment plants serving approximately 200,000 residents. NEIWPCC Commissioner Richard Lyons shares a historical perspective, with a narrative that takes readers from the initial conception and planning process to final construction and operation today.

Launched last October on the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, the “Clean Water Pod” podcast explores the challenges and successes of restoring and protecting water quality. This article outlines the topics and conversations of the first five episodes, through a series of guest experts from across the country.

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