In 2018, NEIWPCC formed a workgroup for aquatic environmental biologists (NAB Transition Statement).

The Northeast Aquatic Biologists (NAB) Workgroup is comprised of state and federal staff from New England and New York; meetings occur twice per year and provide an opportunity for members to share knowledge and experience as well as participate in open, region-wide dialogue. Through the NAB Workgroup, NEIWPCC engages and convenes water quality professionals and other stakeholders across the Northeast to collaborate on clean water and environmental science challenges across shared regions, ecosystems, and areas of expertise.

Annually, the Northeast Aquatic Biologists (NAB) Conference is cooperatively organized by this workgroup through a planning team consisting of representation from all NEIWPCC member states as well as the EPA. The NAB Conference provides a forum for a professional exchange of expertise, research, and scientific achievements among not only state and federal staff, but also academia, the private sector, watershed organizations, and other professionals.

Through a continued tradition of bringing together the diverse scientific community of the Northeast, the conference as well as the workgroup seek to develop and sustain a regional network of biologists.

Please contact Maryann Dugan at 978-349-7929 or with any questions regarding the NAB Workgroup or Conference.