Northeast Aquatic Biologists Workgroup

In 2018, NEIWPCC formed a new workgroup for environmental, aquatic biologists.

This workgroup, comprised of state and federal staff from New England and New York, meet twice a year to share and learn from each other and to open up dialogue for potential collaboration. Workgroup meetings provide NEIWPCC’s member states the opportunity to share challenges, offer solutions, and discuss the current hot topics of their field.

A major output of this workgroup is an annual conference which provides a forum for a professional exchange of knowledge and content. This conference continues a tradition of bringing this scientific community together and providing a forum for a professional exchange of knowledge among those in attendance. More information on this conference, including links to registration and abstract submission may be found here.

This NAB Transition Statement will provide more information on the formation of this workgroup.

Please contact Richard Friesner with any questions regarding the NAB Workgroup and Conference.