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Thank you for attending #NABNewport!

The 2020 Northeast Aquatic Biologists Conference was held March 4 – 6, 2020, at the Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina in Newport, Rhode Island.

This conference, coordinated by NEIWPCC in partnership with member states and EPA, continued the tradition of providing a forum for the professional sharing of knowledge and collaboration that the aquatic and environmental biologist community of the Northeast has come to represent.  The NAB Conference engaged and convened water quality professionals and other stakeholders across the Northeast to collaborate on clean water and environmental science challenges across shared regions, ecosystems, and areas of expertise.  2020 NAB Attendees included representatives from public and private sectors in New England and New York State, including participants from state, federal, and municipal governments; the private sector; academia; and watershed organizations.

Conference Resources:

Pre-Conference Workshop: R Markdown

Conference Agenda: Wednesday, March 4

(speaker abstracts & biographies are linked to each presentation in agenda)



Volunteer Monitoring

Modeling for Clean Water Act Assessments


Innovative HABs Monitoring

Monitoring for Harmful Algae Blooms Using Citizen Scientists
Jean Pillo, Eastern Connecticut Conservation District

An Evaluation of the Fluoroprobe® for the Management of New York State Lakes
Anthony Prestigiacamo, NYS DEC

Solid Phase Adsorption Toxin Trackers (SPATTs) and Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT) Samplers for Characterizing Cyanotoxins in Freshwater
Jennifer Graham, USGS

Monitoring of Cyanobacteria in Rhode Island Lakes and Ponds Using the Sentinel 2 Spacecraft
Darryl Keith, US EPA; Brian Zalewsky, RI DEM

River Water Quality Monitoring

River Connectivity and Dam Removal

RIDOT Road-Stream Crossing Assessment Handbook
Nicole Lineberry, RI DOT; William Guenther, Fuss & O’Neill

Assessment to Action: Reconnecting Aquatic Habitat through Resilient Infrastructure
Megan Lung, NEIWPCC Hudson River Estuary Program

Thermal and Dissolved Oxygen Recovery Following Small Dam Removals in Massachusetts
Katherine Abbott, UMass Amherst

Restoring Alewife River Herring to the Bronx River, NYC
Katie Friedman, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

Conference Agenda: March 5

(speaker abstracts & biographies are linked to each presentation in agenda)




HABs in the Finger Lakes Studies

Advanced Water Quality Monitoring to Assess Biogeochemical Processes Related to Harmful Algal Bloom Development, Duration, and Decline in the Finger Lakes, NY
Guy Foster, USGS

Preliminary Analyses of Continuous Water Quality Data from Sensors Deployed at Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Stations
Sabina Perkins, USGS

Multifaceted Monitoring to Determine Factors Contributing to CyanoHABS in the New York Finger Lakes
Michael Stouder, USGS

Biological Stream Monitoring

Freshwater Bivalves

Modeling and Monitoring for Rangewide Conservation of a Rare Mussel
Allison Roy, USGS (email to request presentation)

Propagation as a Tool for Restoration of a State Endangered Freshwater Mussel
Ayla Skorupa, UMass Amherst (email to request presentation)

Fish Assessments to Inform Recovery of Dwarf Wedgemussel
Jennifer Ryan, UMass Amherst (email to request presentation)

Lake Management and Analysis

Synthesis of Empirical Research Investigating the Effects of Annual Wintertime Water Level Drawdowns on Littoral Zones in Massachusetts Lakes
Jason Carmignani, MassWildlife (email to request presentation)

Using Bathymetry Data to Evaluate the Impact and Potential Effectiveness of Lake and Pond Management
Jason Stolarski, MassWildlife

Developing an Index of Lake Habitat Quality for New England Lakes
Jeremy Deeds, ME DEP

Low-Gradient Stream Biocriteria

Estuary Monitoring and Assessment

Poster Session Abstracts & Biographies


Conference Agenda: March 6

(speaker abstracts & biographies are linked to each presentation in agenda)



Lake Indicators

Modeling Ecological Relationships

Watersheds and Water Quality

Wallkill Watershed Monitoring, 2017 and Beyond
Brian Duffy, NYS DEC

Creating a High Resolution Spatial Statistical Network Model to Guide Riparian Restoration Strategies in a Transboundary Watershed
Stephanie Figary, Cornell University

Edge-of-Field Nutrient and Sediment Monitoring in the Genesee River Watershed, New York
Andrew Kowalczk, USGS

Fish Assemblages

Stream Flow

Coordinated streamflow releases to improve conditions in the Stony Brook watershed, Massachusetts
Kate Bentsen, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration; Adam Questad, Geosyntec Consultants

Machine Learning Strategies for Image Based Instream Water Flow Classification
Timothy Becker, University of Hartford

Microbial Source Tracking

Collaborative Water Quality Monitoring in the Palmer River Watershed and Innovative use of the PhyloChip DNA Micro-Array
Heidi Travers, RI DEM; Ian Dombroski, US EPA

Assessments of Fecal Contamination Sources Using Microbial Source Tracking in Long Island
Tristen Tagliaferri, USGS

Congratulations to…

  • Guy Hoffman (formerly of CT DEEP) and Katrina Kipp (of EPA Region 1), both awarded the honor of Legendary Aquatic Biologist.
  • Stephanie Figary (Cornell University) and Jane VanVessem (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry), awarded top student oral presentations.
  • Garrett Evensen (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Catherine Colliton (University of Massachusetts, Boston), and Shannon Ervin (recent graduate of Western Michigan University), awarded top student poster presentations.


Stay tuned for the 2021 Northeast Aquatic Biologists Conference:

See You Next Year in Maine!

For general conference questions or information about the NAB Workgroup, please contact Maryann Dugan at 978-349-2052 or

Presentations and materials from the 2019 NAB Conference may be found at the archived conference page.