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Water Quality Staff

NEIWPCC Headquarters (Lowell, Mass.)

Richard Friesner
Director of Water Quality Programs
Richard joined NEIWPCC in 2016 as Director of Water Quality Programs. As such, Richard works on a variety of projects including wetlands, monitoring, water quality standards, nutrients, TMDLs, mercury, harmful algal blooms, and aquatic nuisance species. He serves as the NEIWPCC representative on the Management Committee for the Long Island Sound’s TMDL and is working on technical nutrient related assessment work with the USGS. Richard joins NEIWPCC with 10 years of experience in the Environmental Science and Policy field and most recently worked at George Mason University as the Director of both the Washington Scholars Program and the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment through George Mason University’s Office of Admissions. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University, an M.S. and B.S in Environmental Science from the University of Kansas. full bio

Jordan Bishop
Environmental Analyst
Jordan assists with a variety of projects in support of NEIWPCC’s Water Quality programs. He serves as the project manager for the Long Island Sound Study (LISS), working closely with LISS staff, CT DEEP and NYSDEC on research, monitoring, and public education and outreach initiatives. He organizes the wetlands and NEBAWWG workgroup meetings, and presents information to stakeholders and the general public. Jordan joined NEIWPCC in June 2021, and earned his doctorate in ecology from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. full bio

Maryann Dugan
Environmental Analyst
As an Environmental Analyst in the Water Quality Division, Maryann works on a variety of projects to include water quality and watersheds. She serves as the project manager for the Harmful Algal-Bloom (HAB) program, the Monitoring program, and the Northeast Aquatic Biologist conference.  She also serves as the project manager for the RI DEM monitoring staff and contract.  Maryann joined NEIWPCC in September 2019. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs with a major in Environmental Management from Indiana University. full bio

Emma Gildesgame
Environmental Analyst
Emma serves as the project manager for regional and national Water Quality Standards (WQS), nutrient water quality standards and tracking and accounting, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), and Climate Adaptation workgroups. In addition, she coordinates and manages the National 303(d)/TMDL webinar series and a variety of other projects related to water quality science, policy, and outreach. Emma joined NEIWPCC in September 2019. She earned her Master of Environmental Management from Yale University’s School of the Environment. full bio

Long Island Sound Study

James Ammerman, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst

James Ammerman
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
Long Island Sound Science Coordinator
Jim joined NEIWPCC in December of 2015 as an Environmental Analyst for the Long Island Sound Science Study (LISS), where he works with partners in both Connecticut and New York to adopt monitoring strategies that support the reporting of LISS’s environmental indicators. He analyzes existing data to provide guidance and consultation on estuarine environmental issues, prepares syntheses of scientific reports, and evaluates technical reports developed by others. Jim serves as staff lead for LISS’s Science and Technical Advisory Committee, participates in the review process of LISS technical and research project deliverables, and provides technical assistance to help implement environmental statutes. Jim previously directed New York Sea Grant, has conducted extensive water quality research in several estuarine and coastal ecosystems, and has worked with two different EPA Science Advisory Board panels on water quality issues. Jim holds a B.S in Biology, as well as a Ph. D. in Marine Biology.

Mary Arnold, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst; Long Island Sound Regional CoordinatorMary Arnold
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
Long Island Sound Regional Coordinator
Mary works with the NYSDEC DOW and assists in the planning and execution of activities for the Long Island Sound Study. She partners with municipalities to assess local policies, identify water quality priorities, and implement improvement projects; she serves as coordinator for LISS EPA grants, managing project timelines and reporting; and she provides technical support and participates in LISS workgroups and committees. Mary joined NEIWPCC in 2021, and holds a M.A. in Marine Biology from Stony Brook University Graduate School.

Robert Burg, Information Officer

Robert Burg
NEIWPCC Information Officer;
LISS Communications Coordinator
A NEIWPCC employee since 2003, Robert assists the Long Island Sound Study in developing and disseminating educational materials and outreach products. His work includes coordinating publications and web-based products that inform the public about projects that are restoring and protecting the Sound and about indicators of the Sound’s health in the areas of water quality, coastal and animal populations, habitats, and land use. He holds an M.S. in Urban Affairs from Hunter College.

Kristin Kraseski, NEIWPCC Environmental AnalystKristin Kraseski
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
LISS Bioextraction Coordinator


Kristin provides overall program coordination, administration, and short and long-term planning for the bioextraction program of the Long Island Sound Study (LISS). She assesses potential challenges to, identifies solutions for, and supports the development and expansion of nitrogen bioextraction and related aquaculture activities in the Long Island Sound (LIS). Her responsibilities include ecological and cultivation research and reporting; development of a siting tool and collection of site identification data; permitting for new and expanding aquaculture operations; and environmental assessments of bioextraction and bioharvesting projects. Kristin joined NEIWPCC in January 2017 and holds a Ph.D. in Forest Resources (Hydrology) from the University of Georgia.

Victoria O'Neill, Environmental Analyst

Victoria O’Neill
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
LISS Habitat Restoration and Stewardship Coordinator
Victoria conducts activities associated with Long Island Sound Study funding, including preparing and evaluating project applications for habitat restoration, assessment, monitoring, and research funding. She develops partnerships to restore LIS habitats; works with regional staff to help partners prepare project workplans; and coordinates NYSDEC activities associated with the LISS Habitat Restoration and Stewardship workgroup. Victoria joined NEIWPCC in 2013. She has an M.S. in Biology from the College of William & Mary.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Katie DeGoosh-DiMarzio, Environmental Analyst

Katie DeGoosh-DiMarzio,
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
401-222-4700 x7211
Katie assists RI DEM in multiple ways, with a particular focus on the design and execution of surface water monitoring programs in freshwaters. This work includes biological monitoring (macroinvertebrate sampling in wadeable and nonwadeable rivers; invasive species detection) and water quality monitoring in rivers (water chemistry sampling for conventional constituents, pathogens, metals, and nutrients). Katie joined NEIWPCC in 2006. She holds an M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Studies from the University of Maine.