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Wastewater and Onsite Systems Staff

NEIWPCC Headquarters (Lowell, Mass.)

Christina Stringer
Director of Wastewater & Onsite Programs
Christina oversees NEIWPCC’s work related to wastewater management, regional environmental training, environmental professional certification, onsite/decentralized wastewater, and underground storage tanks. She manages the development and revision of technical guidance documents related to wastewater, and serves as the technical adviser on program issues. Christina joined NEIWPCC in June 2018 as part of the Water Resource Protection division, and transitioned to her current position in January of 2021. She earned her Ph.D. in Geology from the University of South Florida. full bio

Patricia L. Chesebrough
Program Manager
As a Program Manager in the Wastewater Division, Patty manages NEIWPCC’s training program and delivers courses pertinent to wastewater treatment and other environmental issues. She acts as the lead trainer on some of NEIWPCC’s municipal and industrial wastewater treatment offerings. She also serves as project manager on various engineering projects for wastewater facilities and oversees NEIWPCC’s stormwater workgroup and related efforts. Patty holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Urban Planning from the University of Colorado. full bio

Michelle Jenkins, Information OfficerMichelle Jenkins
Information Officer  
Shelly coordinates the Massachusetts Wastewater Certification and Renewal Program and the Massachusetts Title 5 Certification Renewal and Training Program. She also coordinates with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Board of Certification on status changes and emergency applications and provides them with approved renewals and issues. Shelly processes applications and renewals for all Massachusetts Certified System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators, as well. Shelly first joined NEIWPCC in 2003 as an administrative assistant and was promoted to her current role in August 2019. She holds an Executive Secretarial Program Certificate from the Burdett School in Boston.

Evan Karsberg, Environmental AnalystEvan Karsberg
Environmental Analyst
Evan provides support to NEIWPCC’s training and certification programs. He helps to coordinate virtual and in-person courses by hosting classes, providing technical support to students and trainers, and maintaining course materials. He supports certification programs by organizing and maintaining operator records and processing certification and renewal applications. Additionally, he assists the Wastewater and Onsite Systems Division with the development of annual plans and preparation of quarterly reports. Evan joined NEIWPCC in 2021, and holds a MA Wastewater Municipal Grade IV license.

Jennifer Lichtensteiger
Environmental Analyst
As an Environmental Analyst, Jennifer’s responsibilities focus on both the Massachusetts and EPA-funded wastewater operator training programs, as well as current municipal wastewater and onsite wastewater system projects. She coordinates and schedules NEIWPCC’s wastewater training schedule including catalog production, course selection, course information distribution, and venue management. In addition, Jennifer coordinates the Youth in the Environment Program based in Lowell and New York City and identifies and addresses region priorities for residuals and NPDES with NEIWPCC’s Workgroups and Commissioners.  Jennifer joined NEIWPCC in July 2018. She holds an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. full bio

James Plummer
Environmental Analyst

James joined NEIWPCC’s Water Resources Protection Division in December 2017, and transitioned to his current role with Wastewater and Onsite Systems in 2021. James serves as lead on the Nonpoint Source workgroup and the Annual NPS Conference. James coordinates with EPA and state staff to plan national SRF workshops. James also provides administrative oversight for several staff in Maine’s Drinking Water Program. Before joining NEIWPCC full time, James worked for two summers as the coordinator for the Youth and the Environment Program. James holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Tampa. full bio

Drew Youngs
Environmental Analyst
Drew has worked as an environmental analyst at NEIWPCC since 2016. In this role he manages NEIWPCC’s underground and leaking underground storage tanks (UST/LUST) programs. Working in coordination with the U.S. EPA, his efforts bring together federal, state, and tribal partners from across the country to improve the prevention and cleanup of releases from USTs. Drew also manages NEIWPCC’s work related to aquatic trash and marine debris and monitors policy related to the Clean Water Act, water and wastewater infrastructure, and State Revolving Fund programs. Drew holds a Master of Environmental Science and Management from the University of Rhode Island.  full bio

South Portland

Leeann Hanson, NEIWPCC Information Officer; JETCC CoordinatorLeeann Hanson
NEIWPCC Information Officer;
JETCC Coordinator
As coordinator of JETCC, based in South Portland, Maine, Leeann develops and coordinates environmental training programs throughout Maine. She networks with state and federal environmental agencies and other water quality-related organizations to ensure that JETCC offers the precise training that is needed and utilizes the best instructional and technical support available. Leeann has been a member of NEIWPCC’s staff since 1992. She holds a B.A. in Advertising, Journalism, and Speech Communications from the University of Maine at Orono. full bio

Spring Connolly, Administrative AssistantSpring Connolly
NEIWPCC Administrative Assistant
Spring provides secretarial and administrative support to the JETCC program. Her responsibilities include updating content on the JETCC website and designing many of the program’s publications, including the spring and fall training catalogs. She works closely with Maine DEP to maintain the Maine Wastewater Operator Certification records database and handles inquiries from Maine’s operators. Spring joined NEIWPCC in 2009. She’s a graduate of Kearns High School in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Independent Environmental Monitors

Linda Allen, NEIWPCC New York City CSO Project DirectorLinda Allen
NEIWPCC New York City CSO Project Director;
NYC CSO Monitoring Program
A NEIWPCC employee since 2009, Linda monitors and reviews New York City’s efforts to comply with requirements of the city’s Amended Combined Sewer Overflow Consent Order. She reviews plans and specifications, engineering reports, studies, and analytical data associated with CSO abatement projects required under the order. Linda also reviews waterbody/watershed facility plans and long-term control plans to assess water quality standards compliance. She holds an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of California and a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Indiana University and is a licensed professional engineer in civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

Daniel (Don) Flannery
NEIWPCC Environmental Engineer;
Don, who joined NEIWPCC in November 2017, monitors the progress of and reviews and comments on New York City’s efforts to implement capital projects required by the New York City Amended Consent Order (ACO).  ACO projects include large regional CSO abatement facilities and sewer separation and treatment plant upgrades.  Don reviews plans and specifications for compliance with ten state standards and NYS DEC rules and regulations and conducts field inspections for progress and final acceptance. Don holds a M.S. in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Villanova University.

Debra Hanas, Environmental Analyst

 Debra Hanas
 NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
NYSDEC Onondaga Lake/Health & Safety Coordinator

Debra serves as the NYSDEC Division of Water Onondaga Lake Watershed/Health and Safety Coordinator. She oversees project schedules to verify compliance with Amended Consent Judgment milestones, assists with developing an Onondaga Lake Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), helps with Onondaga Lake watershed planning, develops health and safety policies, and implements safety training programs. A NEIWPCC staff member since 2004, Debra holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Yassir Soffan, Information Officer

 Yassir Soffan
 NEIWPCC Information Officer;

Yassir provides desktop, network, and server support to end users, including workstations, servers, and peripherals. He diagnoses and troubleshoots hardware and software problems and coordinates problem resolution with other members of the NYSDEC Division of Information Services. Yassir joined NEIWPCC in 2002. He holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Westfield State College and is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Peter Bernard, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
 Peter Bernard
 NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
As an Environmental Analyst for the Maine DHHS Drinking Water Program, Peter works with the Information Management Team to provide compliance support for the Drinking Water Program and the Subsurface Wastewater Unit. Peter assists with development, production, and distribution of DWP media and oversees the Subsurface Wastewater permitting process including communication and education with towns regarding issues and/or errors with permits or payments. Peter joined NEIWPCC in January of 2016.

Ellen Daly
NEIWPCC Assistant Environmental Analyst
Ellen works with the Data Management and Program Support Team providing data entry, research, and analysis. As a Data Specialist, she adds and maintains inventory data in the Maine Drinking Water Program’s database and provides quality control in the document management system. In addition, she assists data management staff with monthly public water systems sampling compliance. Ellen joined NEIWPCC in October 2018. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human services from New Hampshire College (now Southern New Hampshire University).

Martha Nadeau, Assistant Environmental Analyst
 Martha Nadeau
 NEIWPCC Assistant Environmental Analyst
A NEIWPCC employee since 2009, Martha works with the Maine DHHS Drinking Water Program’s Information Management Team to provide technical support to the program’s Compliance and Enforcement Team. Martha holds an A.A.S. in Business Administration and Management from Central Maine Technical College.

Christina Trufant, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
Christina Trufant
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
Christina joined NEIWPCC in June 2017 and is responsible for determining public water system compliance with the state of Maine and federal safe drinking water regulations. She assures that compliance monitoring schedules are entered and maintained in the Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) database and that they are correct, complete, and consistent with rules regulating public water systems. As a Rule Specialist, she also communicates regulatory requirements to staff and public water systems through training and direct meetings. Christina holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Southern Maine.