NEIWPCC is requesting proposals for presentations for our National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar Series. Since 2016, this EPA-funded program has offered training and technical assistance to advance CWA Section 303(d) implementation. Webinar participants are state, tribal, and federal 303(d) program personnel from across the US and also include non-governmental stakeholders. These webinars cover a wide range of topics and are all recorded and accessible through our YouTube channel and through our TMDL webinar library. For more information on this request, refer to the full request for proposals.

Information for Applicants:

  • Presentations should be relevant for an audience of state and regional TMDL and 303(d) staff – if a webinar on a general topic is proposed, preference will go to applicants who tailor general topics towards specific 303(d) applications. (i.e. science communication, statistics, GIS modeling)
  • Successful applicants will prepare and present at least one webinar of 60 minutes or more at a time to be scheduled with the planning team. This will include preparation of all necessary slides or other materials, review of promotional content, at least 1 planning call with NEIWPCC staff, and at least 1 webinar technology test/practice session.
  • Applicants proposing to demonstrate use of any tool or computer program should ensure that the tool is available to and widely used by employees of state and local governments working on 303(d)/TMDL issues. (i.e. free programs, Microsoft Office or web-based tools, R, etc.)
  • Some presenters are eligible to receive funding of up to $1,500 per webinar. Eligible presenters include those from non-governmental entities, including nonprofit organizations and private companies or contractors. We are unable to award funding to employees of state or federal governments. To request funding, please complete the linked budget justification form. Funding will be awarded based on availability, applicant justification, and total applicant pool.
  • Webinars are hosted on Zoom, which allows presenters to share their screens, poll participants, and solicit questions or comments from participants. We encourage presenters to use these tools to maximize interactivity and engagement.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed quarterly by a planning team consisting of NEIWPCC, EPA, and state TMDL staff. Proposals can be for fully planned webinars or preliminary concepts – provide as much information as you have, and we’ll contact you if the topic is of interest the the planning team. If you have questions or comments, please contact Richard Friesner.

  • Basic Information


    Please submit contact information for your primary presenter below. Asterisks (*) indicate mandatory input fields.

  • Please select the (1) Focus/ Topic Area that best relates to your presentation.

    1)   Science Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

    • • Social media, engaging with the press, and effective communication
    • • Data visualization to make information meaningful and engaging
    • • Building partner and workforce capacity for effective communication
    • • Using social indicators to address barriers and change behaviors

    2)   Data collection, management, and analysis

    • • TMDL Modeling
    • • Citizen science
    • • Statistics for TMDLs
    • • Tracking & accounting

    3)   Emerging topics for TMDLs

    • • Climate Change and TMDLs
    • • Water Quality Trading for TMDL implementation

    4)   Case studies with broadly applicable lessons

    • • TMDL Case Law, other legal topics
    • • TMDL Alternatives
    • • TMDL Amendments or Revisions
    • • Success stories
    • • Specific types of TMDL (Bacteria, nutrients, chloride, etc.)


  • Please select the (1) presentation format that best describes your presentation.

    1)   Standard presentation

    • • 60-120 mins
    • • Participants primarily listen, some Q&A

    2)   Workshop

    • • 60-180 mins
    • • Hands-on engagement, participants contribute to discussion and/or follow along and get feedback on activities throughout the program.

    3)   Panel discussion

    • • 60-120 mins
    • • A facilitator and several speakers provide perspectives on a topic
    • • Participants may be invited to contribute their perspectives or may be limited to Q&A

    4)   Mini-course, series, or other formats:
    We welcome ideas for other training formats! Summarize your
    proposal in this submission, the planning team may solicit more information before your idea is

  • Other Format Suggestion

  • Presentation Details

  • Describe your presentation, including target audience and anticipated educational objectives and outcomes. Limit to 300 words.

  • Limit to 150 words.
  • Please provide a brief professional biography for the primary speaker. For panel submissions, provide the biography of the facilitator/organizer. Limit to 250 words.

  • (Optional) Limit to 250 words.
  • To request funding, you must attach a budget form below.
  • (Optional)
    Budget forms, draft presentation slides, or other materials to support your proposal. Please only submit one file; if you need to submit multiple files, upload as a .zip or similar directory file.
    Max. file size: 50 MB.

  • NEIWPCC and the project team review submissions quarterly, generally during the first weeks of March, June, September, and December. We will provide an updated timeline upon receipt of your proposal.


    Please contact Richard Friesner at with any questions.


    All webinars are recorded and archived on NEIWPCC’s website. By submitting an abstract, presenters accept this condition and agree to have their full presentation made available on our National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar Resource Library and on our YouTube channel

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