The listing of approved Title 5 TCH (Training Contact Hour) courses are revised periodically. If you are renewing for June 30th and are looking for training, please check the lists below. Plenty of online training options are available to help obtain last minute TCHs.

These listings should not be considered all-inclusive, as other approved courses may exist or their approval may be pending.

  • Latest List of Current Approved Training by Date (updated 5/2/2023) This listing contains traditional, “in-person” classroom AND online training/courses that NEIWPCC has been made aware of. It does include online courses. It is sorted by date. Hit CTRL+F to find a specific course while in the document.
  • List of Older Training (updated 11/14/19) To check your TCHs for approval, this listing contains traditional, “in-person” classroom training/courses from 2019. It does NOT include online courses.This list to be used to check past training. It does not include newer training.
  • Online and Correspondence Training Listing This listing contains an archive online and correspondence training opportunities.
  • Recurring Course Listing This listing contains courses that are offered periodically by multiple providers, at various dates and locations to be determined.

Contact NEIWPCC if you have any questions on any previously approved courses. For information on renewals or the renewal process, please refer to the FAQ and Fact Sheet located on the Renewal Information page.

Note to SEs and SIs: It is the responsibility of the individual SE or SI to retain proof of their attendance and to submit it to NEIWPCC when they are notified about their renewal. Please note that NEIWPCC does not maintain attendance records for these courses. It is the responsibility of the individual to submit proof of attendance (i.e., copy of the certificate or letter of attendance/completion) with their renewal notice in order to receive the TCH credit.

Note to Training Providers/Vendors: For approval of training courses for Title 5 TCHs, please download Request for TCH Approval Form and submit to NEIWPCC per the instructions on the form. This form should be used for Training Providers who are seeking approval of their courses. It is the responsibility of the training provider to maintain course attendance records in case of student audit.

For any questions on Title 5 TCH approvals, please contact us at 978-349-2516 or email