L.U.S.T.Line Issues

Issue #93

High Resolution Site Characterization – Coming to a LUST Site Near You?

Implementing High-Resolution Site Characterization in South Carolina’s UST Management Program

Into the MStC – Developing A New Standard for Moving Petroleum Release Sites to Closure

Sulfate Delivery Methods to Accelerate BTEX Biodegradation and Expedite Site Closure

Get to Know ASTSWMO: An Interview with Gina Miranda

Issue #92

ITRC Petroleum Hydrocarbon Workshop

Lessons Learned: Takeaways for UST Inspectors from Washington's Unprecedented Flooding Event

Lessons Learned: Takeaways for UST Inspectors from Washington’s Unprecedented Flooding Event

Alpine Service Station. Federal contractors properly destroying groundwater monitoring wells at a Stalled LUST Case Initiative site in Alpine, CA (October 2019). Proper destruction of site groundwater monitoring wells is often the last step in completing a LUST cleanup. Wells left in place can serve as conduits for groundwater contamination.

California Stalled LUST Case Initiative Turns 5

Map of America where there is work towards environmental protection through undergrounds storage tanks

The Underground Storage Tanks Program…Working Towards Environmental Protection for All Communities

ESG Photo

Risk Mitigation Tracked Through ESG Reporting

Issue #91

Cartoon of man at flooded gas station filling up his boat.

Dealing with Climate Change and Natural Disasters

Making the Most of the National Tanks Conference

New Faces and New Discussions at the National Tanks Conference

How USTs Held Up During Unprecedented Floodwaters (NTC 2022 Preview)

Treatment Trains: When One Remedy Isn’t Enough (NTC 2022 Preview)

HRSC Pilot Study at South Carolina LUST Sites (NTC 2022 Preview)

Challenges and Opportunities of a Multi-Cultural UST Industry (NTC 2022 Preview)

Navigating Impacts of COVID on the Tanks Industry (NTC 2022 Preview)

Emergency Power Generator UST Systems (NTC 2022 Preview)

Strategies for Cost Control (NTC 2022 Preview)

Auditing for Fraud in Tanks Programs (NTC 2022 Preview)