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Auditing for Fraud in Tanks Programs (NTC 2022 Preview)

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 |

Fraud is generally defined as an intentional act of deception by one person or group of persons in order to deprive a person or entity of their money or property.

Fraud challenges the government’s ability to deliver services, diverting them away from those who need them or rendering them inferior or unsafe. This can lead to program failure. Understanding the overall impact of fraud allows entities to make better informed decisions. And although fraud can affect any entity, it can result in terrible loss of trust in government and industries if its discovery is handled poorly.

At the 2022 National Tanks Conference, Melinda Weir, Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks, will provide detailed step-by-step processes for successful auditing and fraud investigations for state LUST cleanup funds. She will also discuss the most common types of fraud indicators often found when working with contractors.

Weir brings to this discussion her experiences as environmental investigator for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Division of Underground Storage Tanks, appointed in January 2014 for the purpose of developing a program integrity protection plan for the state reimbursement program fund.

Prior to coming to the department, she was employed as a legislative audit investigator with the State of Tennessee Office of the Comptroller of the Treasury for over 15 years, investigating allegations of complex fraud, waste and abuse of public funds and property. She has provided training across the country on matters related to detection and prevention, interviewing and interrogation techniques, rapport building, auditing, and other matters related to fraud in governmental entities and private businesses.

Weir will deliver her presentation as part of a larger session at the tanks conference on “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.” Attendees will also hear about California’s new Expedited Claim Accounts Program, which has improved coordination and reduced inefficiencies for site cleanups.

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