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    2013 Storm Resiliency Workshop

    Extreme weather events, as well as warmer temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, increasing ocean acidity, and rising sea level are expected to intensify as climate change continues. Historic floods, extreme weather events, and even drought illustrate natures force and what can continue to be expected in a changing climate. To weather the variability inherent in the future climate, states need to plan and prepare for a wide range of possible impacts to ensure that communities remain resilient in the face of a changing climate. NEIWPCC is working with our member states to coordinate and enhance their storm resiliency approaches. 

    Workshop Agenda
    Attendee List


    Maine – Cold Weather/Snow Operations at Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Vermont – Establishing Standards for River Management During Flood Response
    New Hampshire – Dam Safety
    Massachusetts – Emergency Declaration Legislation and Regulations
    New York City – NYC DEP Resiliency Study
    Connecticut – Power Restoration Prioritization at Drinking Water Facilities
    Rhode Island – Septic System Repair/Replacement Decision Strategy
    NEIWPCC/Lake Champlain Basin Program – 2011Floods and Flood Resiliency Report
    EPA Region 1 – Advancing Resiliency

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