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One of the many ways in which NEIWPCC serves our member states is by coordinating projects that generate environmental data, which is then used to make important decisions. Those decisions are only as good as the information upon which they are based, which means the quality of the data must be assured. In 2001, EPA reemphasized that any organization receiving funds from the agency for the collection of environmental data must develop a Quality Management Plan (QMP). A QMP is a management tool that describes an organization's system for planning, implementing, documenting, and assessing data collection to ensure the quality of the information that is generated. This system applies to work done by the organization itself or a contractor hired by the organization to conduct a project.

Following EPA's directive, NEIWPCC's Quality Management Steering Committee developed the first QMP that received EPA approval in 2001. The QMP spells out our commitment to developing quality assurance project plans (QAPPs) for each project involving the collection of environmental data or the evaluation of environmental technology. These QAPPs carefully describe how the project's data collection activities will be planned, conducted, and reviewed throughout the life cycle of the project. Our QMP even went beyond EPA requirements by pledging to create QAPPs for all environmental data projects, not just those supported by EPA funds.

NEIWPCC’s QMP was revised in 2013. The current QMP continues the organization’s commitment to quality as well as the compilation, generation, and use of robust environmental data. To view NEIWPCC's current QMP, click on the link above.

In late 2013, NEIWPCC received a periodic Quality System Assessment from representatives of the EPA Region 1 Quality Assurance Unit. Their cover letter and report were received in January 2014. NEIWPCC developed a response to address the assessment findings.

The 2015 Annual QA Status Report and Quality Management Plan Review has been submitted to EPA.

The following presentations were offered in FY-2016:

For more information, contact Michael Jennings, NEIWPCC's Quality Assurance Program Manager.

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