Youth Programs

From the Long Island Sound to Lake Champlain, NEIWPCC’s partners offer programs and events to engage and teach young people. The Commission sponsors programs for urban youth from its Lowell headquarters, and the Champlain Basin Educational Initiative goes one better to train teachers to bring the watershed into the classroom.

In Lowell, Massachusetts, we have for many years offered a six-week Youth and the Environment Program. The EPA-funded program introduces high-school students to career opportunities in the environmental field.

The group spends most weekdays at Lowell’s Duck Island Wastewater Treatment Facility assisting with day-to-day operations, such as maintenance work and water testing in the laboratory.

Weekly field trips included visits to the New England Aquarium, Squam Lake’s Natural Science Center, EPA’s New England Regional Laboratory, a wetland in Dracut, and the Deer Island Treatment Plant in Winthrop. In recent years, students also spend an afternoon canoeing and pulling up invasive weeds along the Charles River under the coordination of the Charles River Watershed Association.

We have also from time to time teamed up with EPA New England and community groups to offer a summer youth program in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The programs of the Champlain Basin Educational Initiative offers professional development to primary- and secondary-education teachers in New York, Vermont, and Quebec. Some programs provide graduate-level academic credits.

NEIWPCC staff members at the Hudson Valley Estuary Program help to run events such as an annual glass-eels count and the Day on the Hudson, that involve thousands of students and volunteers.

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