Discharge Permits

The Clean Water Act prohibits the discharge of a pollutant from a point source to a “water of the United States” without a permit. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program was created to issue these discharge permits.

Since its creation, NEIWPCC’s NPDES Workgroup has been working to enhance interstate communication on issues associated with discharge permits from wastewater treatment facilities. The workgroup meets annually, and is comprised of staff from NEIWPCC, EPA, along with the NPDES coordinators  from each of our member states’ environmental agencies.

NEIWPCC monitors NPDES policy issues on behalf of our member states, disseminating information and coordinating the writing of comment letters to EPA and Congress. These letters spell out our states’ views on EPA and Congressional actions or proposals. NEIWPCC also facilitates communication and information exchange among state employees who are responsible for the permit system and the EPA.

Additional NPDES topics currently of interest to NEIWPCC’s member states include the NPDES Update Rule, electronic reporting, stormwater, and integrated planning.

For more information, please contact Ben Smith the NPDES Workgroup Coordinator, at 978-349-2524 or