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Vendor Equipment Name Leak Rate / Threshold / Max Tank Capacity
Horner Products, Inc. SIR PRO 1, Versions 1.0, 2.0

Horner Products is no longer in business. Support for this method may not be available.
0.2 gph/0.1 gph/18,000 gallons (Version 1.0)
0.1 gph/0.05 gph/18,000 gallons (Version 2.0)
Syscorp, Inc. Store Vision, Version E.2 0.2 gph/0.0834 gph/12,000 gallons
Veeder-Root (originally listed as Entropy Limited) Precision Tank Inventory Control System, Version 90 0.1 gph/0.04 gph/15,000 gallons
Veeder-Root (originally listed as USTMAN Industries, Inc.) USTMAN YES SIR 90 0.2 gph/0.1 gph/15,000 gallons