Welcome to the NWGLDE! We are an independent work group comprised of 11 members: 10 of whom represent various states and 1 from the U.S. EPA. All our members are state or federal employees whose full time job is to regulate storage tanks for their agency’s regulatory program. We appreciate these agencies’ willingness to allow our members to participate in the NWGLDE.

The mission of NWGLDE is to:

  • Review leak detection system evaluations to determine if each evaluation was performed in accordance with an acceptable leak detection test method protocol;
  • Ensure that the leak detection systems under review meet EPA and/or other regulatory performance standards, if applicable;
  • Review only draft and final leak detection test method protocols submitted to the Work Group by a peer review committee to ensure they meet equivalency standards stated in the EPA standard test procedures;
  • Make the results of such reviews available to interested parties.
  • An important change to the Disclaimer has been made. Please refer to the last item on the Disclaimer page.

The List of Leak Detection Evaluations for Storage Tank Systems was created by the NWGLDE to fulfill our mission. It is a compilation of storage tank and associated piping leak detection equipment that have undergone Third-Party Evaluations and have been found by the Work Group to meet the evaluation requirements contained in accepted protocols.

The Work Group maintains a website version of the List. The website version of the List is updated continuously and has the most up-to-date information available. An annual list of changes to the listings is maintained on our “News & Events” page. Beginning in 2017, the Work Group will retain the annual list of changes for your reference.

If you wish to have your equipment included on the NWGLDE’s List, please download the following file for information on the necessary requirements and procedures on how to submit the proper documentation to the Work Group:

Listing Procedures and Requirements

Don Taylor
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Chairperson

NWGLDE, Kansas City, MO
Spring 2023 Meeting