Thank you to all who attended the 27th National Tanks Conference (NTC) from September 13-15, 2022 at the Wyndham Grand in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The post-conference materials are below:

Conference Slides and Posters:

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Opening Session
Mark Barolo | Justin Dula | Susan Sullivan

UST System Testing
Kevin Henderson | Edward Kubinsky Jr | Tim Smith

Site Assessment I: Bedrock Sites
Todd Halihan | Nathan Thacker | Dale Werkema

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Emerging Trends Impacting UST Programs
Therron Blatter | Russ Olsen | Jill Stoltz

Impacts of Natural Disasters on USTs
Annette Ademasu (handout) | Linda Gerber | Eric Kelley | Brian Osterman

Sump Testing– Reality and Challenges of Sump Integrity Testing
Ryan Ariail Courtney Evans | Marshall Mott-Smith | David Kutish

Site Assessment II: High Resolution Site Characterization
West Johnson | Mark Junker | Corie White

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Strategies for Cost Control
Douglas Louks | Molly Parker | Tom Schruben

The Brownfields Two-step: Pulling tanks and addressing legacy gas stations with style!
Will Anderson | Jason Seyler

Inspections: Compliance vs. Walkthrough
Brad Hoffman | Dave Piercey

Treatment Trains – When One Remedy Isn’t Enough
Tom Fox | Geina Skinner | Debra Thoma

State of State Funds
Diane Barclay | Emma Krulick | Jill Stoltz | Cindy Williams

States-only Meeting

Tribes-only Meeting

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Emergency Power Generator (EPG) UST Systems: One of The Last Frontiers
Jonathan McRae | Tim Smith | Gregory Young

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Natural Source Zone Depletion
Kyle Campbell | Parisa Jourabchi | Andrew Kirkman | Chris Marks

Current Issues with UST Financial Responsibility Insurance
Stuart Friedman | Emma Krulick | Tom Schruben

State of the Industry Discussion
Steve Pollock | Tom Tietjen

UST Compliance Technology
Dan Blake | Joshua Blanco | Matt Jones | Jon Marinas | David Wilson

Low Threat Closure: Three State Experiences
Stephanie Briney | Matthew Cohen | Mary K.V. White

Aging Tanks
Ryan Haerer | Russ Olsen | Mike Pecorelli | Tiffany Yee

Navigating Impacts of COVID
Edward Kubinsky | Edward Pedchenko | Adam Sansoucy | Benjamin Thomas

UST Removal Time
Ryan Haerer | Brad Hoffman | Michael Hollis | Matt Jones

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Reducing LUST Backlog
Sue Burnell/Sara Miller | Clare O’Connor | Mohammed Rahman

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Diane Barclay | Melinda Weir

State-Run UST Service Provider Certification Programs: Implementation and Challenges
Joe Godwin | Thomas Henderson | Michael Hollis | Holly Lejeune

Enforcement Roundtable
David Levering

Activated-Carbon Injection: Lessons, Practices, and Results
Tyler Harris | Todd Herrington | Mike Mazzarese | Edward Winner

Challenges and Opportunities of a Multi-Cultural UST Industry
Liliana Cruz | Kristopher Grinnell | Bonny Hughes | Warren Roan | Javed Surani

Field-constructed Tank Systems, Airport Hydrant Systems, ASTs and SPCC
Russ Brauskieck/Mark Barolo | Robert May

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Emerging Fuels
Ryan Haerer | William Jones | Jason Lee

Taking the Mystery Out of Closing LUST Remediation Projects
Gregory Dunn | Zach Pauley | Jim Rocco | Tom Schruben

Environmental Justice and Climate Change: Framing Underground Storage Tank Issues in a Social and Environmental Justice Context
Alex Hall | Fran Kremer | Will Anderson

Tribes and U.S. EPA Meeting (Regulators Only)

UST Compliance: Successes and Challenges
Michael Arce | Fran Chambus | Mark Junker | Michael Pomes | Emily Ewart

Gregory Dunn | James Gastineau | Avery Holyoak

Water Cooler Think Tank
Russ Olsen and the Financial Responsibility Task Force

States and U.S. EPA Meeting (Regulators Only)

Poster Presentations:

Leaking Tanks and Broken Piggy Banks – A tool to find them both
Kevin Beery, Geologist/Environmental Scientist, Utah Department of Environmental Quality

NAPL Depletion Estimates from Changes in Petroleum Chemical Composition
George DeVaull, Principal Engineer, Shell Oil Products US

Restoration of an abandoned gas station in the Pineland Protection Area of New Jersey through Bioremediation: A case study
Satya Ganti, President & CEO, Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

Investigating Broadly Applicable Transition Points to Support Sustainable Remediation
Andrew Kirkman, Subject Matter Expert – LNAPL Remediation, Remediation Management, bp North America

“Getting to Closure”, More Confidently and More Sustainably
Matthew Lahvis, Principal Engineer, Shell Oil Products US

Enhanced Source Zone Depletion Expedites Facility Closure – A Detailed Look at qHRSC Methods Paired with Leading In-Situ Remediation Methods and Technologies
Derek Pizarro, Senior Product Manager, AST Environmental, Inc.

Accessing Difficult Geology for Characterization and Injection Using the New GeoTAP™ Method
Derek Pizarro, Senior Product Manager, AST Environmental, Inc.

Photographic Documentation of Equipment and Components Pulled from Removed USTs Used to Evaluate Trends in Interior Degradation and Corrosion for USTs Formerly Storing Biodiesel B98, Diesel (Clear and Dyed), Ethanol E99, and Regular E10 in Lawrence, Kan.
Michael Pomes, Physical Scientist, USEPA Region 7 LCRD/TTPB/TLBP

Natural Source Zone Depletion – A rose by any other name still degrades LNAPL
Lisa Reyenga, NAPL Technical Director, GEI Consultants, Inc.

Time is Money – Petroleum UST Cleanup Costs
Tom Schruben, Physical Scientist, US EPA OUST

Sulfate Delivery Methods for Enhancing Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Kammy Sra, Remediation Specialist, Chevron

Living Room, Transportation, and Community: The Overlooked Infrastructure in Subsurface Microbial Biodegradation
Edward Winner, Vice President, RPI Group, Inc.

Welcome to ASTSWMO’s Annual Tanks Update, Formerly the State Fund Survey
Lynda Provencher, Environmental Analyst VII, Vermont DEC

ASTSWMO – Introducing the Tanks Subcommittee
Tiffany Yee, Environmental Engineering Specialist, Arizona DEQ, Charles Reyes, Associate Director, ASTSWMO

Nitrogen for genset and other applications.  Reducing; tank and fuel delivery system hardware degradation, particulates in the fuel, acidification of the fuel, and biomass
Gregory Young, Terra Primoris Consulting, VMI Manufacturing, LLC

GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT): An Overview, Latest Development and its Role in Groundwater Monitoring Events
Robert Hendricks, Sr Soil and Groundwater Scientist, Shell Global Solutions