Interstate Waters Magazine

NEIWPCC’s semi-annual print publication, recently redesigned as a magazine and renamed Interstate Waters, provides in-depth reporting and analysis of the water and wastewater issues that matter to our member states.

Current Issue

March 2017

Interstate WatersMicrofibers from fleece clothing are emerging as a contaminant of concern, and landscape architecture is finding ways to soak up urban runoff. These and other stories are published in the March issue of Interstate Waters.

The issue also features details about the first-ever NEIWPCC research workshop and takes a look back at the nation’s respose to clean-water issues as it intertwines with the career of the Commission’s Executive Director, Ronald Poltak. Poltak will step down this summer after 34 years.

About Interstate Waters Magazine

The publication was previously known as the Interstate Water Report.

The magazine presents news and feature stories about current issues and trends in clean water. Whether you work for clean water or simply have an interest in it, the publication will broaden and deepen your understanding of the existing and emerging challenges in our region.

Interstate Waters is funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Printed issues are mailed free of charge to subscribers; all issues are available online.

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