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Vendor Equipment Name Operating Principle
AT Monitors AMC 5100ATI-5100 Monitor with Vapor Sensors AMC F4000 or ATI-F4000 metal oxide semiconductor
Chapman Engineering Fuel Finder Version IV adsorption sampling
FCI Environmental, Inc. Analog Hydrocarbon Probe AHP-100, Digital Hydrocarbon Probe DHP-100 fiber optic
FDR Services, Inc. GasPak Vapor Monitoring System product permeable detector
Gems Sensors, Inc. (originally listed as Warrick Controls, Inc.) Pollulert Probes MD221V, MD221VRA, MD210V, MD210VRA

Mallory Controls no longer manufactures, services, or supports the use of this method.
Mallory Controls Tankgard, P/N 481532, and Tankgard VIII, P/N 488803 adsistor
Mine Safety Appliances Soil Sentry Twelve-X metal oxide semiconductor
Oklahoma Environmental Services (originally listed as Arizona Instrument Corp., then NESCO, and then Summit Holdings, Inc. – Oklahoma Environmental, Inc.) EECO 1500, 2000, 3000, Leak Sensor, Leak Sensor II, Leak Sensor Jr. with Q0002-001, Q0002-005 Sensors metal oxide semiconductor
OPW Fuel Management Systems
(originally listed as Emco Electronics, Tuthill Transfer Systems)
Petrosentry TLD III, SiteSentinel, Smart Module and Vapor Sensor adsistor(Q0002-001),
metal oxide semiconductor (Q0002-005)
OPW Fuel Management Systems
(originally listed as Petro Vend, Inc.)
Model 102 Photoionizer metal oxide semiconductor
PID Analyzers, LLC Model 102 Photoionizer photoionization detector
PID Analyzers, LLC
(originally listed as HNU Systems, Inc.)
PI-101 with 11.7 EV Probe #101397; HW-101 with 11.7 EV Probe #170214; ISPI-101 with 10.2 EV Probe #111100; DL-101 with 10.2 EV Probe #167085 photoionization detector
Praxair Services, Inc.
(originally listed as Tracer Research, Corp.)
Tracer Tight chromatographic (looks for chemical tracer)
Tidel Engineering, Inc. EMS-3000, 301-0328-001, 301-0330-001, and EMS-3500, Vapor Sensor Probe Part No. 301-0634 adsistor
Universal Sensors and Devices, Inc. Leak Alert System Models LAV-100, LA-01, LA-02, LA-04, LA-X4, LA-08, CATLAS, LAVS-1 MOS Vapor Sensor metal oxide semiconductor
Veeder-Root (originally listed as Gilbarco Environmental Products and later as Marconi Commerce Systems) PA02660000000 (Same as Veeder-Root 794390-700) adsistor
Veeder-Root ILS-350, TLS-350 Series, TLS-450 Series, Red Jacket ProMax with Adsistor Vapor Probe 794390-700 adsistor
8601 Series with Monitoring Well Vapor Sensor 794390-700 adsistor