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NEIWPCC contracts with many specialists to provide or support research, monitoring, outreach, and other work.

Individuals, private companies, research institutions, watershed organizations and other non-profits help us to support the needs of our states and partner programs. If you are interested in pursuing a competitive opportunity, apply for one listed below.

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Requests for Proposals

2019 Climate-Adaptive Design Project Development-HREP

The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC), in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYSDEC) Hudson River Estuary Program, is inviting proposals to design a feasible and implementable “Climate-Adaptive Design” (CAD) project in one or more of the municipalities where a CAD studio has taken place: Catskill, Kingston, Piermont or Hudson, NY. The purpose of this project is for a consultant, with support from the municipality, to use an engaged stakeholder process to review CAD concepts, select appropriate elements, and design an implementable project at a specific site or sites.

Elements chosen for further design must meet the goals of the Climate-Adaptive Design studio to increase community resilience to sea-level rise and climate change through an engaged stakeholder process. These elements must also be technically feasible and appropriate for the location, supported by the community, cost effective, and permittable. Eligible projects must reduce shoreline or stormwater flooding and erosion risk while enhancing habitat value, which may include options for strategic relocation, resilient waterfront structures and infrastructure, natural and nature-based shoreline design and stormwater green infrastructure.

The design process will require involvement of stakeholders including the staff from the New York State DEC’s Hudson River Estuary Program, Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve and Department of State, as well as relevant state and federal regulatory staff. The result of the project will be significant advancement of a CAD project, with minimum deliverables including engagement of key stakeholders through an inclusive design review process, selection of design elements from CAD concepts, interim progress report and final report with the information needed to begin final design and construction (under future and separate project), including preliminary engineering designs, project justification, cost estimates, permitting materials and an implementation strategy. The geographic scope of this study is the waterfront areas that have been the subject of previous CAD studios in Catskill, Hudson, Kingston and Piermont, NY. The project is expected to be awarded in May 2019 and to be completed no later than September 30, 2020. No contract extensions will be allowed. The deadline for applications is April 19, 2019 12:00 PM (noon).

There is a total of $125,000 available for this RFP. It is anticipated that at least one successful project or proposal will be chosen.

Request for Proposals

Appendix A – Title Page Format

Appendix B – Overall Budget Form

Appendix C – Task-Based Budget Form

Southeast New England Program: Watershed Restoration Projects for the Narragansett Bay Watershed

The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (“NEBP”), through its host—the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (“NEIWPCC”)—is inviting proposals for Watershed Restoration Projects (large-scale implementation and small-scale planning and design) within the greater bi-state Narragansett Bay watershed with funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (“U.S. EPA”) Southeast New England Program (“SNEP”). The selected projects will further implement the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (“CCMP”) as it relates to the SNEP vision and purpose. There are up to $606,000 in federal funds available for this RFP.

Pre-proposals must be received by April 2, 2019 (12:00 noon EST). Full proposals will be sought by invitation only and due May 15, 2019 (12:00 noon EST). 

Request for Proposals

Appendix A (Title Page)

Appendix B (Overall Budget Form)

Appendix C (Task-Based Budget)

Appendix D (Scoring Criteria)

Appendix E (Subrecipient Risk Assessment Form)