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Lakes Bioassessment

This New England Lakes and Ponds (NELP) project report evaluates the overall health of the region’s lakes and ponds and identifies when steps need to be taken to restore water body integrity. It is intended for use by a broad group of stakeholders, managers, and policymakers throughout the region.

Download the complete NELP Report

The report consists of the following key components:

Findings of a multi-year, probability-based assessment of the ecological health and integrity of New England’s lakes and ponds, comparing these findings with those from research undertaken simultaneously at the national level. The assessment provides a characterization of the overall condition of regional water bodies and identifies associated stressors based on statistically representative survey samples.

A description of innovative lake management assessment tools and technologies developed and tested as part of this project through collaborations with state and federal agencies and academic institutions.

A Lake Attitash case study, showcasing one approach to assessing lake condition that illustrates what can be accomplished through collaborative partnerships. It describes efforts to implement and develop new technologies that can be transferred and shared with other stakeholders, bringing together the various pieces of information collected during this project.

Access to tools, data, and other useful information for lake managers and decision makers at  EPA’s New England Regional Laboratory website.