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2017 Estuary Research Workshop

NEIWPCC and the Coastal Institute at URI co-hosted the 2017 Estuary Research Workshop.

The workshop took place on September 13, 2017 and had a theme of Limiting Factors Beyond Nitrogen. It focused on nutrients (emphasis on phosphorus) that are potentially limiting in, and detrimental to, the Northeast’s estuaries.



James Ammerman – Estuarine Phosphorus Limitation: Examples, impacts, and trends

Hans Paerl – Mitigating eutrophication and harmful algal blooms along the freshwater to marine continuum representing estuaries; the need to control both N & P inputs

Robert Howarth – The influence of coastal oceans and seas on nutrient limitation in estuaries

Chris Kincaid – Observations and modeling of Narragansett Bay nutrient dynamics: Do we run the west coast offense?

Tara Kulkarni – Phosphorus remediation: Agricultural tile drains

Pio Lombardo – Passive wastewater phosphorus removal system – 10 years of performance achieving effluent TP 0.02 mg/L

Zhanfei Liu – Phosphate (P) is key affecting remineralization of labile organic matter in estuarine and coastal waters

David Wong – Control of phytoplankton growth: Nitrogen, phosphorus, or grazers?

Veronica Berounsky – An examination of nitrogen and phosphorus values and ratios during twenty-five years of monitoring water quality along the estuarine gradient of the Pettaquamscutt Estuary (RI)

Paul Stacey – Pragmatic watershed assessment and decision support for comprehensive pollution planning and management


Elizabeth Ells – Coastal Phosphorus: Concentrations and remediation strategies

Stephen Hale – Historical trends of benthic invertebrate biodiversity over 182 years in Narragansett Bay

Roxanne Marino – Long-term case study on nutrient limitation: Shallow New England lagoon remains nitrogen limited despite high nitrogen load

Candace Oviatt – Have fish decreased in Narragansett Bay with managed nutrient reduction?

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management – Major wastewater pollution reduction efforts: Progress since meeting secondary treatment standards

Chris Roman – Development of a kayak-based autonomous surface vehicle for surveying and sampling

Kevin Rosa – Baroclinic model of Narragansett Bay post-storm shelf-estuary exchange

Sarah Schumann – Ecosystem change in Narragansett Bay: Commercial fishermen’s observations

News post about the workshop: Phosphorus as Estuary Topic: Unlikely, Rewarding