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Regional Research Initiative

Boosting the impact of research

The initiative provides opportunities for researchers whose work is funded through NEIWPCC and its partners to share applicable findings with a regional audience.

In addition, it helps identify shared research gaps, and introduces environmental professionals to studies that are relevant to their work.


In our Research Webinars, attendees hear directly from researchers and learn about projects in detail.

All webinars are recorded and archived. There are a few system requirements for attending a webinar.


Our conferences showcase research from around the region and the country on topics of regional interest.

2017 Estuary Research Workshop: Limiting Factors Beyond Nitrogen

2016 Estuary Research Workshop: Estuaries in a Changing World: What are the important research and monitoring questions?

Conference speakers

Presenter Paul Stacey fields a question at the 2017 Estuary Research Workshop. Also in the photo, left to right: Chris Kincaid, Zhanfei Lui.