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Annual Achievement Award

Recognizing the outstanding work of our employees, from within our program partners and across our member states.

Each year, NEIWPCC recognizes one individual or team who have made a significant impact in helping us to achieve our strategic plan. The recipients of this award have built and nurtured key relationships with our partners and stakeholders, have promoted innovative ideas or approaches, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership through team building, integrity and commitment.

An individual or team can be nominated by a fellow staff member, a NEIWPCC supervisor, a state supervisor, or a member of our Executive Committee & Commission. A rigorous selection process ensures our most deserving employees receive this award.

Submit your nomination through our nomination form by Friday, February 10, 2023.

The Annual Achievement Award will be presented at the All Staff Meeting in March 2023.

Recent Recipient

Maryann Dugan (environmental analyst, Water Quality Division)

Maryann received several nominations for the Annual Achievement Award citing her leadership skills, positive attitude, and attention to detail in running the Northeast Aquatic Biologist (NAB) Conference. She was specifically commended for her enthusiasm and resourcefulness in moving the 2021 event to a completely virtual experience. Under Maryann’s leadership, the conference drew more than 230 people including 64 from around the country and worldwide and incorporated creative and engaging contests, games, and networking opportunities. She received seven nominations for the award from NEIWPCC staff as well as external partners. Below is what one of the nominees had to say: 

“I cannot imagine someone more deserving of the NEIWPCC Annual Achievement Award than Maryann Dugan. I have had the pleasure of working with Maryann for three years as part of the Northeast Aquatic Biologist (NAB) planning committee and related workgroups. Maryann had demonstrated great leadership skills by guiding the committee through the difficulties of hosting two NAB conferences during a pandemic. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels safe attending the 2022 in-person conference and will be providing some creative virtual options for those unable to attend in-person. Furthermore, anyone who has worked with Maryann will know that she always brings a positive attitude to the table. This attitude fosters an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing new ideas and collaborating on activities.”

Nominated by Zachary Smith, research scientist, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.