Recognizing the outstanding work of our employees, from within our program partners and across our member states.

Each year, NEIWPCC recognizes one individual or team who have made a significant impact in helping us to achieve our strategic plan. The recipients of this award have built and nurtured key relationships with our partners and stakeholders, have promoted innovative ideas or approaches, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership through team building, integrity and commitment.

An individual or team can be nominated by a fellow staff member, a NEIWPCC supervisor, a state supervisor, or a member of our Executive Committee & Commission. A rigorous selection process ensures our most deserving employees receive this award.

The Annual Achievement Award is presented at the All Staff Meeting in March.

Recent Recipient

Richard Friesner (director of Water Quality Programs)

Richard was nominated for the Annual Achievement Award citing his superb supervisory and leadership skills, positive attitude, and dedication to NEIWPCC’s mission. His supervisees commended him for being readily accessible, supportive and hard-working, and bringing his best self to work every day and encouraging others to do the same.

“Richard brings a wealth of knowledge, endless passion, and boundless enthusiasm to every project. His support in meetings, workgroups, and conferences is invaluable. Richard truly embodies our mission, vision, and values, and for that reason, we wholeheartedly believe he should receive recognition with this award.”

Nominated by Maryann Dugan, Jordan Bishop, Courtney Botelho, Emily Bialowas and Devon Case, environmental analysts in the Water Quality Division.