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Annual Achievement Award

Recognizing the outstanding work of our employees, from within our program partners and across our member states.

Each year, NEIWPCC recognizes one individual or team who have made a significant impact in helping us to achieve our strategic plan. The recipients of this award have built and nurtured key relationships with our partners and stakeholders, have promoted innovative ideas or approaches, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership through team building, integrity and commitment.

An individual or team can be nominated by a fellow staff member, a NEIWPCC supervisor, a state supervisor, or a member of our Executive Committee & Commission. A rigorous selection process ensures our most deserving employees receive this award.

The nomination period is currently closed. The Annual Achievement Award will be presented at the All Staff Meeting.

Recent Recipient

Katie DeGoosh-DiMarzio (Environmental Analyst, RIDEM)

This summer 2019 Katie responded to a strong public interest in actively managing the first discovered population of Sacred lotus in Rhode Island in Meshanticut Pond. The urban pond is a small, popular recreational park area targeted for future fish management. Sacred lotus was introduced into the pond and quickly spread to cover large portions, limiting habitat and crowding out native species. Katie initiated a call for volunteers that was quickly overwhelmed with requests (>100). She actively managed four 3-hour volunteer cutting events over weekends (not including pre-event transect setting and set-up/tear-down) to allow 74 volunteers to cut stems from kayaks and fill a dumpster. This initiative was extremely popular and was a new and innovative way for DEM to reach the public about the importance of nuisance species education, management, and avoidance. Katie went above and beyond to garner support for future management efforts by DEM.

– Nominated by Jane Sawyers