In a new video series available on the NEIWPCC website and social media channels, viewers can hear from NEIWPCC staff about work being done to preserve and advance water quality in the Northeast. The “Staff Spotlight Series” launched in August 2023 and includes four short video interviews from staff at the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, Lake Champlain Basin Program, and New York State Department of Health.

“This series visualizes the diversity of work that NEIWPCC does, showcases our talented and dedicated staff, and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of environmental careers,” said Brian Yurasits, NEIWPCC information officer and producer of the series.

The Staff Spotlight Series includes Meg Modley, environmental analyst and Lake Champlain Basin Program aquatic invasive species management coordinator, who speaks about work being done to protect the Lake Champlain basin from aquatic invasive species. Noreen Gallagher, former environmental analyst and New York State Department of Health drinking water specialist, is also featured. She shares her role working with stakeholders to develop source water protection plans in New York State.

The series heads to the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve to speak with Sarah Fernald, former environmental analyst and research coordinator, to learn about a submerged aquatic vegetation project. Matthew Vaughan, environmental analyst and chief scientist with the Lake Champlain Basin Program, talks about some of the latest research surrounding agricultural tile drains in the basin. The featured staff also share their career journeys and offer advice to those interested in entering the field.