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The Northeast Voluntary Turf Fertilizer Initiative


What is the Regional Turf Fertilizer Initiative?

The Northeastern Regional Turf Fertilizer Initiative was a collaborate effort, completed in January of 2014, that sought to engage the six New England states and New York State, EPA, and industry and non-industry stakeholders in discussion on the contribution of fertilizers applied to lawns to polluted runoff and water quality problems. NEIWPCC and its state and federal partners coordinated a series of issue-specific meetings with various stakeholders with the goal of developing mutually agreeable and scientifically sound regional guidelines related to the formulation and application of turf fertilizer.

A final report describing the 33 guidelines developed through this process is now available.

Who was involved in this initiative?

The environmental agency commissioners from the New England states and New York State tasked NEIWPCC with developing the voluntary regional initiative on turf fertilizer described above. The New England Commissioners formalized their support of this approach by signing a joint statement of intent during the fall of 2011. This high-level state support was absolutely crucial to the project’s development. NEIWPCC worked with water program directors and technical staff from all seven states and EPA New England to develop the initiative and to identify and engage stakeholders.

Accolades: NEIWPCC’s Clair Ryan and Michael Jennings have received EPA Environmental Merit Awards for their work on the Northeast Voluntary Turf Fertilizer Initiative. Read the press release.


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