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    Advancing necessary research and “good science” concerning water resources in the Northeast is critical to NEIWPCC’s mission to assist our member states’ efforts to protect water quality and safeguard public health. As water resource issues become increasingly challenging, research can advance our understanding and promote innovative solutions in the region.

    For years, we have utilized our limited resources to identify and conduct research in critical areas. However, NEIWPCC is now working to enhance our existing capabilities in the research arena with the goal of advancing even more-timely, relevant water resources research in the Northeast. With the full support of our member states, the Commission has established the NEIWPCC Regional Research Initiative. Through this effort, we will:

    A principal goal of the Regional Research Initiative is to maintain and advance a Northeast water research agenda, which reflects states’ individual and collective needs, addresses both short and long term priorities, and is flexible as priorities shift. To date, our efforts to identify our member states’ water research needs have uncovered a shared regional interest in a number of critical research areas, including:

    Equipped with the regional research agenda, NEIWPCC is working with a Steering Committee of state agency staff and several non-agency NEIWPCC Commissioners to identify funding and partnership opportunities to move high-priority research needs forward, as well as ensure the distribution of reliable, unbiased findings.


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