Annual NPS Conference

Since 1990, NEIWPCC, in partnership with its member states, has been coordinating the Annual Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Conference, the premier forum in our region for sharing information and improving communication on NPS pollution issues and projects.

The conference brings together all those in New England and New York State involved in the management of NPS pollution, including participants from state, federal, and municipal governments, the private sector, academia, and watershed organizations.

The 28th Annual Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference took place April 12–13, 2017, at the Hotel Northampton in Northampton, Massachusetts.

The following resources pertaining to the conference are available:

To view information from Annual NPS Conferences, including the agenda and slides, visit the NPS Conference Archive.

National NPS Training Workshop

In 2016, NEIWPCC coordinated the National NPS Training Workshop, and will do so again in 2018. Information on the National NPS Training Workshop 2018 is coming soon.

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