Water Quality Staff

NEIWPCC Headquarters (Lowell, Mass.)

Richard Friesner
Director of Water Quality Programs
Richard joined NEIWPCC in early May of 2016 as Director of Water Quality Programs. As such, Richard works on a variety of projects including wetlands, monitoring, water quality standards, nutrients, TMDLs, mercury, harmful algal blooms, and aquatic nuisance species. He serves as the NEIWPCC representative on the Management Committee for the Long Island Sound’s TMDL and is working on technical nutrient related assessment work with the USGS. Richard joins NEIWPCC with 10 years of experience in the Environmental Science and Policy field and most recently worked at George Mason University as the Director of both the Washington Scholars Program and the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment through George Mason University’s Office of Admissions. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University, an M.S. and B.S in Environmental Science from the University of Kansas. full bio

Shelly Clark, Information Officer

Shelly Clark
Information Officer
Contract and Budget Administration
Shelly handles the administration of special projects, grants, and contracts associated with NEIWPCC programs. This includes drafting and reviewing agreements, monitoring contracts, ensuring compliance with grant requirements, and submitting grant applications. Before joining NEIWPCC in early 2014, Shelly worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services Employment and Labor Department. She holds a J.D. from the New England Law. full bio

Jasper Hobbs, Environmental Analyst – Rotational Program

Jasper Hobbs
Environmental Analyst
As an Environmental Analyst in the Water Quality Division, Jasper assists on a variety of projects to include water quality and watersheds. He serves as Program Manager for the Water Quality Standards program, Nutrients and Nutrient Criteria program, Harmful Algal Bloom program, Mercury program, and TMDL national and regional program. He assists New England states with water quality education and outreach projects. Jasper also assists the Water Quality Director in developing proposals, grant applications, amendments and reports, and the annual work plans and budgets. A member of NEIWPCC since February of 2016, Jasper holds a B.A. in Earth Science from Boston University, as well as an M.S. in Geology from Kansas State University. full bio

Audra Martin
Environmental Analyst
Audra serves as a project manager working closely with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to plan and manage the work of the Long Island Sound Study. She supervises the LISS staff and manages the wetlands, climate change, stream and wetland buffers workgroups. Audra joined NEIWPCC in 2017 working with Maine’s Drinking Water Program and joined the Lowell office Water Quality Division in June 2018. She holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Texas Christian University. full bio

Heather Radcliffe, Environmental Analyst

Heather Radcliffe
Senior Program Manager and Staff Attorney
A NEIWPCC staff member since February 2012, Heather advises staff on legal issues, reviews and negotiates contracts and MOAs, and writes policy position papers. She serves as project manager for NEIWPCC’s Interstate Environmental Commission District and the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, and supervises their respective staff in New York and Rhode Island. Heather holds a J.D. and a Master of Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. She is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Vermont. full bio

Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan

Kristin Kraseski

Kristin Kraseski
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
NYSDEC – Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan

As an Environmental Analyst in the NYSDEC Office at SUNY Stony Brook, Kristin provides overall program coordination, administration, and short and long-term planning for the Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan (LINAP). She interacts with a variety of stakeholders on Long Island serving as the lead for developing and implementing initiatives and partnerships prioritized by the LINAP Project Management Team, the Long Island Regional Planning Council, and NYSDEC. Kristin joined NEIWPCC in January 2017 and holds a Ph.D. in Forest Resources (Hydrology) from the University of Georgia.

Long Island Sound Study

James Ammerman, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst III

James Ammerman
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst III;
Long Island Sound Science Coordinator
Jim joined NEIWPCC in December of 2015 as an Environmental Analyst for the Long Island Sound Science Study (LISS), where he works with partners in both Connecticut and New York to adopt monitoring strategies that support the reporting of LISS’s environmental indicators. He analyzes existing data to provide guidance and consultation on estuarine environmental issues, prepares syntheses of scientific reports, and evaluates technical reports developed by others. Jim serves as staff lead for LISS’s Science and Technical Advisory Committee, participates in the review process of LISS technical and research project deliverables, and provides technical assistance to help implement environmental statutes. Jim previously directed New York Sea Grant, has conducted extensive water quality research in several estuarine and coastal ecosystems, and has worked with two different EPA Science Advisory Board panels on water quality issues. Jim holds a B.S in Biology, as well as a Ph. D. in Marine Biology.

Robert Burg, Information Officer

Robert Burg
NEIWPCC Information Officer;
LISS Communications Coordinator
A NEIWPCC employee since 2003, Robert assists the Long Island Sound Study in developing and disseminating educational materials and outreach products. His work includes coordinating publications and web-based products that inform the public about projects that are restoring and protecting the Sound and about indicators of the Sound’s health in the areas of water quality, coastal and animal populations, habitats, and land use. He holds an M.S. in Urban Affairs from Hunter College.

Nelle D’Aversa
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
LISS Bioextraction Coordinator

Nelle provides overall program coordination, administration, and short and long-term planning for the bioextraction program of the Long Island Sound Study (LISS). She assesses potential challenges to, identifies solutions for, and supports the development and expansion of nitrogen bioextraction and related aquaculture activities in the Long Island Sound (LIS). Her responsibilities include ecological and cultivation research and reporting; development of a siting tool and collection of site identification data; permitting for new and expanding aquaculture operations; and environmental assessments of bioextraction and bioharvesting projects. Nelle joined NEIWPCC in March 2018. She holds an M.A. in Marine Affairs, a Master of Environmental Science and Management, a Graduate Certificate in Community Planning, and a Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Rhode Island.

Victoria O'Neill, Environmental Analyst

Victoria O’Neill
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
LISS Habitat Restoration and Stewardship Coordinator
Victoria conducts activities associated with Long Island Sound Study funding, including preparing and evaluating project applications for habitat restoration, assessment, monitoring, and research funding. She develops partnerships to restore LIS habitats; works with regional staff to help partners prepare project workplans; and coordinates NYSDEC activities associated with the LISS Habitat Restoration and Stewardship workgroup. Victoria joined NEIWPCC in 2013. She has an M.S. in Biology from the College of William & Mary.

Narragansett Bay Estuary Program

Julia Bancroft
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
Julia contributes to NBEP’s publications by writing, editing, and taking photos and videos. She provides administrative support for NBEP, including meeting and conference planning. Julia joined NEIWPCC in 2015 after earning a B.S. in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island. At URI, she served as a Student Assistant in the Office of Marine Programs and a Research Assistant in the Coastal Fellowship Program. She also completed an internship with Save The Bay. Recently, Julia has received a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing from URI.

Eivy Monroy, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst

Eivy Monroy
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
Watershed and GIS Specialist, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program

Eivy (“AB”) supports the implementation of NBEP’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan through her work in data management, analysis, and GIS mapping. She provides technical input on the State of the Watershed report and is actively involved in partnerships and organizations throughout the watershed. Eivy holds a Master of Environmental Science and Management from the University of Rhode Island. Prior to joining NEIWPCC in 2014, she worked as a GIS specialist and watershed scientist for eight years, collaborating with professionals in the nonprofit, private, academic, and governmental sectors on stormwater management, water quality, BMP engineering, eco-hydrology, and environmental geospatial analysis.

Courtney Schmidt, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst

Courtney Schmidt
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
Staff Scientist, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program

As the staff scientist for NBEP, Courtney synthesizes and interprets existing research related to Narragansett Bay’s watershed. She also tracks activities and land use changes impacting the estuary and its watershed in both R.I. and Mass. In addition, she manages implementation of projects in NBEP’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan and collaborates with scientists doing research in the estuary. She provides technical expertise to local and regional committees concerned with estuaries, and state and federal agencies working on habitat restoration. Courtney holds a Ph.D. in Oceanography from University of Rhode Island. She joined NEIWPCC in 2014.

Peconic Estuary Program

Joyce Novak, Ph.D.
NEIWPCC Program Director
Peconic Estuary Program

Joining NEIWPCC in May 2018, Joyce oversees and manages day to day operations at PEP Suffolk County’s office. She serves as the principal spokesperson and advocate for the estuary, promoting effective cooperation with all constituencies on the development of both policies and programs focused on protection and restoration of the estuary.  She develops and implements initiatives and partnerships that support the implementation and renewal of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP), addressing key issues such as water quality impairment, habitat protection and restoration, local capacity building, and coastal resilience.  Joyce earned her Ph.D. in Geography, focusing her research on Coastal Oceanography, from the University of Limerick. full bio

Elizabeth Hornstein

Elizabeth Hornstein
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
Peconic Estuary Program
Elizabeth conducts activities associated with the Peconic Estuary Program, including the preparation and management of the annual federal grant, tracking the implementation of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP), Eelgrass Management Plan, and Habitat Restoration Plan. She coordinates with outside partners, manages contracts, and develops partnerships to protect and restore Peconic Estuary habitats and water quality. Elizabeth joined NEIWPCC in January 2017 and holds an M.S. in Marine Science from Stony Brook University.

Sarah Schaefer, NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst

Sarah Schaefer
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst;
PEP Suffolk County Program Coordinator
As the Suffolk County Program Coordinator for the Peconic Estuary Program, Sarah prepares the annual National Estuary Program workplans and grant applications, seeking out and responding to funding opportunities; assists municipalities and not-for-profits in forming partnerships, secure funding, and implementing water quality improvement and habitat restoration projects. Sarah joined NEIWPCC in 2015. She holds an M.A. in Marine Conservation and Policy from the State University of New York, Stony Brook.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Katie DeGoosh-DiMarzio, Environmental Analyst

Katie DeGoosh-DiMarzio,
NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst
401-222-4700 x7211
Katie assists RI DEM in multiple ways, with a particular focus on the design and execution of surface water monitoring programs in freshwaters. This work includes biological monitoring (macroinvertebrate sampling in wadeable and nonwadeable rivers; invasive species detection) and water quality monitoring in rivers (water chemistry sampling for conventional constituents, pathogens, metals, and nutrients). Katie joined NEIWPCC in 2006. She holds an M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Studies from the University of Maine.