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Vendor Equipment Name Leak Rate / Threshold / Max Tank Capacity
Containment Solutions Inc. (originally listed as Fluid Containment and O/C Tanks) Hydrostatic Precision Tank Test for DWT-Type II Tanks 0.1 gph/0.05 gph without dispensing/30,000 gallons
0.1gph/0.07 gph with dispensing/30,000 gallons
Leak Detection Technologies, Inc. MCleak Enhanced Interstice Test for Doubled-Walled Tanks, UDCs, Sumps and Spill Buckets Leak Rate- 0.1 gph/ 0.005 gph w/ 72 hour wait before testing. 1,500 gallon interstitial capacity. Leak Threshold – 0.0017 gph h
Steel Tank Institute Permatank Precision Interstitial Vacuum Monitor 0.1 gph/0.01 gph/50,000 gallons
Permatank Interstitial Vacuum Monitor Liquid Leaks 0.1gph/ A tank system should not be declared tight when the vacuum decreases (pressure increases) 5 inches or more of mercury over the test period specified for each tank size./20,000 gallons
Xerxes Corp. Xerxes Trucheck Hydrostatic Monitoring System 0.1 gph/0.05 gph/30,000 gallons