Output Type qualitative
Sampling Frequency continuous
Operating principle float switch
Test Results
ULS Steel Tank Sensor 63510 diesel* water E10
Lower detection limit (in) 0.94 0.85 1.05
Precision (in) 0.00 0.01 0.01
Detection time (sec) <1 <1 <1
HFS Fiberglass Tank Sensor 63520
Lower detection limit (in) 0.48 0.43 0.51
Precision (in) 0.00 0.01 0.00
Detection time (sec) <1 <1 <1

*Evaluations determined these sensors’ responses to the liquids shown above. Biodiesel blends B6-B20 meeting ASTM D7467 and biodiesel B100 meeting ASTM D6751 would also produce an alarm if the lower detection limit is exceeded. Responses to these fuels were not determined but would be expected to be very similar to the diesel responses.

These sensors were third party evaluated with a Incon TS-2001 Tank Sentinel console, Part #: T2P/8. PMP Corporation claims that these sensors will work with these other consoles: the EVO Fuel Management Systems, Tank Sentinel TS-1000/TS-2000 Systems, Tank Sentinel TS-1001/TS-2001, and TS-5xxx Series.

PMP Corporation
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Evaluator: Solutions Engineering Group
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Tel: (860) 677-9656
Date of Evaluation: 3/29/2021